SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles

SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles
SOTU Staff Predictions: Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State Seminoles

We meet again, Canes fam! After 2 installments of our round table discussion about Miami-FSU, we now come to the piece you’ve been waiting for: our predictions. Before we get there, let’s go back.

Here’s part 1 of our round table:

Here’s part 2 of our round table:

And now, here are our predictions:

Cam Underwood: I wish I had something good to tell you. I wish I could tap into that beloved and familiar “miami bro” bravado we all know and love and possess somewhere deep inside and tell you that Miami’s gonna win. But I can’t. Tyler Van Dyke’s abysmal play has ruined the structure of the performance of this team. I’m expecting him to turn the ball over multiple times. And I’m expecting the Miami defense, which will be hyped up to do their best, to eventually wear down and FSU will extend the lead to blowout territory.

Final Score: Florida State 37 Miami 17

Justin Dottavio: A November Miami-FSU game in Tallahassee vs. undefeated FSU. I really hope the ‘Canes come out in a spoiler mood and know this is their Super Bowl. The season is toast other than ruining FSU’s playoff chances. As a fan that invests their time in this thing – you just want to see a team that doesn’t quit, that has some pride in their work. FSU 35-Miami 9.

Craig T. Smith: I think the Canes hang around for the better part of three quarters before a tired defense breaks after Miami’s offense does close to nothing. Jordan Travis leads a couple of early fourth quarter drives to put the game away, and the final score ends up uglier than what the majority of the game felt like. Florida State 33, Miami 12

Mike Schiffman: I am holding out a sliver of hope that the Canes will come to play in their biggest game of the year. Their defense is good enough to keep it close. Their offense is a question mark at best and a disaster at worst. I just don’t see how Miami makes enough plays to pull off the upset. (Sigh). Florida State 27, Miami 20.

Rob Weaver: This game will be a microcosm between last year and this year. 2022 was a 45-3 blowout where Miami was dominated in virtually every phase of the game. This will not be a 40+ point blowout, and Miami will demonstrate improvement in many areas. But it’s not going to be a Hurricanes win, and I doubt the ‘Canes can even cover the two touchdown spread. Florida State 30, Miami 13.

How do U see the game playing out? Let us know in the comments.

Go Canes

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