Castles enter the winter season. Veterans get in for free today!


On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, the base tours will open free to veterans. All monuments open on this day are participating, including Sychrov, Zákupy, Slatiňany, Kuks, Konopiště, Karlštejn, Křivoklát, Mníšek pod Brdy, Veltrusy, Valeč, Házmburk, Valtice, Lednice, Šternberk, Hradec nad Moravicí, Květná zahrada in Kroměříž , Hluboká, Český Krumlov, Třeboň and Telč.

In addition to traditional buildings, visitors can also visit Kuks Hospital or Bezděz Castle this fall. Kuks will open during November weekends and during the state strike on 17 November. Bezděz Castle will be open in good weather. The state castle Telč and the Plasy monastery also rank among the twenty year-round monuments.

Preparations for the popular Hradozámecký advent for the public also begin. The monuments will offer an Advent program from December. There will be non-traditional tours of the Christmas-decorated premises with costumed guides, Nativity scenes, theater performances, concerts, workshops and competitions. At Hrádek u Nechanice Castle, Advent will mark the year of Harrachov in the Footsteps of Noble Houses project.

This year, during the main visitor season, a total of 4,083,229 visitors came to the state castles, chateaux and other monuments managed by the NPÚ. This is 11% more than in the first ten months of 2022 and 25% less than in the same period of 2019. The most visited monument was Lednice Castle, second was Český Krumlov and third was Hluboká Castle.

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Zelená Hora castle near Nepomuk could become a jewel of the Pilsen region in the future

Castle Zelená Hora near Nepomuk, known especially from the film Black Barons, has a very special significance in Czech history and culture. Therefore, in the past few days, the Plzeň region has started negotiating with partners about steps that would once again show visitors this historic building in its full glory. The place is connected not only with Czech film classics, but is also known as the place of work of St. Vojtěcha or a place connected with the miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary of Zelenohorská. Furthermore, as an area connected to the nearby former Cistercian monastery, or as an object of the discovery of the Zelenohorské Manuscript, or the foundation of the Zelenohorské Unity.

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Reconstruction is being completed in the riding stable in Světce near Tachova

The reconstruction of the stable in Světce near Tachova is over. All that is missing is partial work, such as the completion of exhibitions or the modification of the surroundings. This national cultural monument is 162 years old. It could open as early as January 2024. All premises will then be on display. Part of the building is now closed, occasional guided tours are held here, and a Christmas event is also planned.

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The Neo-Gothic castle in Skřivany is up for auction

Originally a Renaissance castle from the 16th century, it is located in the Hradec Králové region. Over the centuries, the building has undergone several reconstructions, and now it is a Neo-Gothic mansion, designed in 1868 by the architect Josef Niklas. However, the region is unable to sell this monument and does not even have a suitable use for it. The castle will therefore go to public auction with a starting price of 29 million crowns.


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