“We focus on an individual approach and interesting salary conditions”


When a bloated ferrari or lamborghini flashes by, you can proudly announce that you have just caught a glimpse of a piece of your work… Are you convinced that this sentence does not apply to you and never will? So pay attention quickly, because the company Ronal CR RONAL CR s.r.o. – Ronal Group gives you the chance to fulfill an at first glance unrealistic dream. Thanks to its expansion, the European leader in the production of light alloy wheels, which it supplies to leading car manufacturers, is recruiting additional reinforcements for its domestic team. Work at RONAL GROUP – Ronal Group.

“The curve of our production has been going up constantly lately. Last year we produced three million bikes, this year there should be 700,000 more, and next year even 4.5 million. That is why we are constantly hiring new employees, starting with blue-collar professions and ending with various experts CAREER – Ronal Group. At the same time, we offer everyone not only an above-standard financial reward for a good job, but at the same time a great opportunity for career growth,” agree executives Michal Pavlas and David Stěhulka.

How do you select those who should eventually jump to a more attractive position? Do you have an exceptional recipe for recognizing who has more potential?

Michal Pavlas: I wouldn’t say exceptional, because it is not a complex universal process. On the contrary, we try to approach everyone individually, work with them, notice their abilities. And based on that, we look for talented people for the role that suits them best. In addition, as a technology leader, we enable everyone to follow the latest trends in the field, to learn new things, to improve. And we also give them room for career advancement. I consider this approach to be our great foreign currency. Our corporate values ​​- Ronal Group

Can you give a specific example from recent years when you managed to discover someone who is now a key person in your company?

Michal Pavlas: First of all, I would like to emphasize that the possible procedure can concern practically anyone who shows skill, invention, drive… And if I have to mention one example for all, our current production manager joined us in Jičín as a project manager and after five or six years, he worked his way up to a top management position.

Do you manage to maintain a personal approach, even though you employ almost 1,200 people in Jičín and Pardubice together? Do you also know a wider circle of your colleagues?

David Stěhulka: Absolutely – and not only those who work in offices. We also often meet people in blue-collar jobs, which is not quite common in manufacturing companies. But in my opinion, it is very important to know people not only from the work side, but also to know what troubles them in life and what makes them happy. For example, we organize regular meetings with the shift foremen, three or four times a year we sit down with each one, talk and discuss everything that we consider important from both sides. And we regularly meet selected employees who have good ideas and desire to move the company forward Our corporate values ​​- Ronal Group.

If we go back to the beginning, the first step is to find new workers at all. Many manufacturing plants have been complaining for a long time that it is difficult or almost impossible to find employees. How do you deal with this problem?

Michal Pavlas: The problem is really huge and it does not escape us either. But within the company we set a clear strategy and one of the steps was that we increased wages significantly in the last two months. If I mention specific numbers, as part of the collective agreement, we already raised them by four percent at the beginning of the business year, i.e. in April, and now in September and October by another 12 percent on average. However, for some professions that are at risk on the labor market, salary increases have risen to, for example, 20 percent Vision and ideal of the company – Ronal Group.

From your point of view, who is among those specialists who are in short supply?

Michal Pavlas: As we are targeting new technologies as part of our investment projects, we are looking for experts in the field of automation and robotics, among others. A typical position is, for example, an electrician. But I will repeat again that we are not necessarily looking for a ready-made electrician, but we would also like to use a skilled electrician who will move into this position with the help of our internal education system.

When we focus on blue-collar professions, many companies go the route of cheap workers from abroad. How do you feel about this trend?

David Stěhulka: We want to attract primarily the Czech workforce. We also work with agencies, but we have a minimum number of employees from countries outside the European Union. We mainly focus on people from the neighborhood, that is our long-term strategy CAREER – Ronal Group.

At the same time, you are part of a multinational corporation…

David Stěhulka: Yes, but at the same time we consider ourselves a local company. We also have management that comes from the region and has been working here for a long time. If I speak for the two of us, I have been in it for thirty years and my colleague will be twenty next year. So no one can be surprised that we like the company and that we like it.

What else besides a good salary should attract new reinforcements to you?

Michal Pavlas: We focus a lot on working conditions and culture, we have clearly defined corporate values ​​that we stand behind. And as it turned out, we place great emphasis on communication. That’s why I dare to say that we still have the character of a family company OUR COMPANY CULTURE – Ronal Group.

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