Another Czech breaks myths and is successful abroad. They probably don’t know Katja in Teplice

Another Czech breaks myths and is successful abroad. They probably don’t know Katja in Teplice
Another Czech breaks myths and is successful abroad. They probably don’t know Katja in Teplice

It can be said that it is better for them to live their lives in their bubbles than to travel nostalgically to their birthplace. The dog doesn’t bark at them here!

In the beginning there was imprudence

This can be seen most clearly in the German singer who calls herself Katja Krasavice. He comes from Teplice, which is close to the German border. Although she is only 27, she has three and a half million German fans. That’s a lot. Almost like a third of the population of the Czech Republic.

At the same time, it was not enough to create a channel on a social network for her fame. Its content had to be interesting and people had to talk about it! They do not fly from the sky into the mouth of the roasting pigeon. Those of the e-shop operators who realize that the work does not end with the purchase of the site name, but must constantly remind customers, have a clearer idea.


Do you think it is harder to break through in the Czech Republic than abroad?

Unfortunately, yes, we are plagued by envy. Those who are successful abroad often do not even make it in the Czech Republic.

Everyone has to try their best. Fans always find a way to him.

Show business is a ruthless business. Smiles are just tinsel for the uninitiated.

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With youthful imprudence, Katja timidly opened the computer on March 29, 2014 and uploaded the first video to YouTube. She was 16 and probably heard about the world of the Internet at school.

Karel Gott collected one Golden Nightingale after another and appeared in the popularity poll every year. Tributes are also paid to Helena Vondráčková and other stalwarts of Czech pop music, every small child here knows them.

Almost no one knows Katja Krasavica. Maybe her classmates will remember from her childhood, when she went to one of the Teplice bases. Nevertheless, he has as many fans as representatives of Czech pop music combined! Even organized as followers on social networks and willing to buy her products in the form of merch.

She made her entry into the stars a little easier thanks to lascivious themes, but that’s her thing. She just knew how to capture her audience! And she can talk not only with another Czech born in Germany, Dolly Buster, but also with Dieter Bohlen from the band Modern Talking.

Music tasting available

The results are clear. A long-term contract with the publishing giant Warner Music, invitations to shoot in popular TV shows, places in the German and Austrian charts.

It has one flaw in its beauty, almost no one knows it in the Czech Republic. After all, the local captains of the music industry don’t include anyone they don’t know personally in their shows, and it’s simply pointless to come here from Germany to introduce yourself. The world of music does not work on personal contacts and knowledge of one another, but on listening and what we will interpret, even Madonna would not go to introduce herself on the local radio to make the editor happy. Take it or leave it.

When the actor Pavel Landovský returned to the Czech Republic from Germany, he did not have so many acting opportunities. The people at Czech Television never offered to perform as the star Dolly Buster, even though she has had successful creations at the Austrian ORF, where she was already more than 10 years ago. What cannot be seen at the tip of the nose is probably far away for us. We still have a long way to go in the world thanks to this approach!

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