PHOTO and VIDEO from the place: “Don’t walk through!” A giant pro-Palestinian demonstration passed through London


11/11/2023 20:55 | Reportage

Hundreds of thousands of people participated in pro-Palestinian demonstrations in London. The procession consisted mainly of Muslims holding Palestinian flags and banners. “Stop killing children,” read one of them. Due to the demonstration, many streets were impassable, public transport was also not in operation.


Lucie Kroutilová

Description: Pro-Palestinian protest in London


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On the day when Great Britain commemorates the end of the First World War, a pro-Palestinian demonstration took place in London, which, according to the BBC’s estimate, was attended by 300,000 people.

The daily life of a Londoner or a day trip for tourists was complicated by the demonstration just because there were no buses going to the center and the subway was not working.

Already from Baker Street – which was the furthest that buses from Luton Airport ventured, small groups of people with banners or the flag of Palestine could be observed on the streets.

The closer one tried to approach the center, the more difficult it was to avoid the groups of people wrapped in the flag, or dressed in their colors.

Those who dared to walk through the groups to Hyde Park, where they were looking forward to feeding the friendly squirrels, had to face great disappointment. The main route of the march of the demonstrators led directly around Hyde Park. The parade was seen in all its finery.

It was made up mainly of Muslims, namely men, women and children. They waved small flags. Adults carried banners with slogans such as “silence is violence”, “sanctions on Israel” and especially “free Palestine”. It was impossible to break through this procession, without doing so was not recommended by the policemen guarding its edge.

The procession then continued to Victoria Station, where more and more of its participants went for refreshments.

Those who continued marching tirelessly without stopping chanted, “Cease fire, now!” (ceasefire now).

If there was a moment of silence by pure chance, one of the Muslims thought to shout “Israel State is a terrorist state” (Israel State is a terrorist state) and the other demonstrators quickly joined him and repeated the slogan several times.

The chanting of one group was interesting, although rare. She decided to express her disapproval of the President of the United States of America and his support for Israel. “Joe Biden, shame on you!” (Joe Biden, shame on you). They also repeated several times.

The march began to dissolve only after dark. However, the police remained vigilant. They marched in large groups on the streets, several times they could be seen running in a hurry to calm the situation in some parts of the procession.

They often had to intervene in fights or misunderstandings on the streets.

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author: Lucie Kroutilová

The article is in Czech

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