Three accidents in the county during the day. The hit pedestrian died, two others were injured

Three accidents in the county during the day. The hit pedestrian died, two others were injured
Three accidents in the county during the day. The hit pedestrian died, two others were injured

Dry weather on Friday made traffic difficult in the Moravian-Silesian region. During the day, emergency services went to three accidents where cars collided with people. One woman died.

The police from Ostrava received the first report on Friday after 4 p.m. “Based on preliminary information, the driver of a passenger vehicle was supposed to be driving through Čujkovova Street near the intersection with Krylovova Street, when a pedestrian entered the vehicle’s path outside the crosswalk,” police spokeswoman Eva Michalíková said.

An eighty-two-year-old woman ended up in the care of rescuers. “She suffered serious injuries to her head and chest, she showed signs of impaired consciousness. She had to be intubated and the paramedics provided her with machine-controlled breathing,” said rescue spokesman Lukáš Humpl.

The senior woman, who was in immediate danger to her life, was subsequently transported by paramedics to the Ostrava trauma center after providing pre-hospital emergency care.

Even before 5 p.m., the emergency services from Karviná were on their way to the traffic accident in Ostravská Street in Fryštát. “According to preliminary information, the woman, born in 1954, was crossing the road outside the pedestrian crossing at the moment when a passenger vehicle driven by a woman, born in 1997, was passing by,” added Michalíková.

The rescuers had to put the injured 69-year-old woman into artificial sleep. The doctor also secured her airway and connected her to artificial lung ventilation. “After the collision with the vehicle, she suffered multiple injuries in the area of ​​the head, chest and lower limbs,” explained Humpl.

“The patient was secured with a neck collar, a pelvic belt, placed in a vacuum mattress and transferred to the Ostrava Faculty Hospital,” added Humpl.

The accident in Rýžoviště in Bruntálsk, which took place shortly after half past seven in the evening, ended tragically. “Based on the information found, it appears that two women were supposed to be walking on the Class II road in the village of Rýžoviště in the direction of Břidličná when a vehicle passed by,” said Michalíková.

The younger of the women ended up under the wheels of the car. According to the police, it is not yet clear how the whole incident happened. The 31-year-old pedestrian did not survive. “Despite the immediate resuscitation, her blood circulation was not restored and she died on the spot from her injuries sustained in the collision with the car,” added Humpl.

Three accidents in Českolipsk

Police officers in Českolipsk also recorded three collisions between cars and pedestrians on Thursday. During the accidents, a schoolgirl who crossed the road outside the crossing near the elementary school in Česká Lípa was injured. A woman who was crossing a crosswalk in the same city also ended up in the hospital.

“Allegedly, under the influence of the sun’s glare, the driver overlooked a crossing pedestrian at the crosswalk,” described police spokeswoman Dagmar Sochorová.

The rescuers also went to the accident in Zákup, where the driver overlooked a woman crossing the road while turning left in the parking lot. She also ended up with a serious injury in the care of doctors.

A pedestrian with a mobile phone is supposed to protect the traffic lights on the road, which are being tested in Germany. You will learn more in the following report (8/2023):

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