Injuries and deaths among pedestrians in the region. Police officers and paramedics appeal to the public


On Friday, November 10, there were three traffic accidents in the afternoon and evening across the entire Moravian-Silesian region, which specifically involved collisions between vehicles and persons.

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The police from Ostrava received the first report after 4 p.m. Based on preliminary information, the driver of a passenger vehicle was supposed to be driving through Čujkovova Street near the intersection with Krylovova Street, when a female pedestrian (year 1941) suddenly entered the vehicle’s path outside the pedestrian crossing. Subsequently, there was a collision between the vehicle and the mentioned pedestrian.

“An eighty-two-year-old woman suffered serious injuries to her head and chest, she showed signs of impaired consciousness. She had to be intubated and paramedics put her on machine-controlled breathing. Her life was in direct danger and after the provision of pre-hospital emergency care, she was transferred to the trauma center in Ostrava,” Lukáš Humpl, spokesman for the Moravian-Silesian rescuers, said about the accident.

A car hit a pedestrian at a tram stop in Ostrava, he ended up in an artificial sleep

In the second case, police officers from Karviná received information about a traffic accident shortly before 5 p.m., which happened on Ostravská Street in Fryštát. “According to preliminary information, the woman born in 1954 was crossing the road outside the pedestrian crossing at the moment when a passenger vehicle driven by a woman born in 1997 was passing by. Subsequently, they collided,” Eva Michalíková told Deník on behalf of the Moravian-Silesian police.

“The woman suffered multiple injuries in the head, chest and lower limbs. She was put into artificial sleep, the doctor secured her airway and connected her to artificial lung ventilation. The patient was secured with a neck collar and a pelvic belt, placed in a vacuum mattress and transferred to the Ostrava General Hospital,” added Lukáš Hump.

Another pedestrian hit at a crossing in Ostrava. Cases are increasing throughout the region

In another accident, the police from Bruntál intervened shortly after 8:30 in the evening. “From the information obtained, it follows that two women were supposed to be walking on the local road in the village of Ryžoviště in the direction of Břidličná at the moment when a vehicle was passing by. For an as yet unknown reason, a collision occurred between a younger woman, year 1992, and a car. As a result of the collision, the pedestrian suffered serious injuries. Despite the first aid provided, she eventually succumbed to her injuries on the spot,” continued Eva Michalíková.

In all cases, the drivers submitted to a breathalyzer test with negative results. The police officers will deal with the circumstances and causes of the accident.

The accident occurred on Wednesday, December 28, 2022 shortly before 7 p.m. in Plzeňská Street in Ostrava-Zábřeh, immediately behind the Hulvácká tram stop.

Tragic traffic accident in Ostrava. A pedestrian was hit by a car

“We again appeal to people to wear visibly reflective elements, especially on these chilly autumn days, not to cross the road outside the pedestrian crossing and not to look at their mobile phones while crossing the road itself. “Always make sure that no cars are driving and, above all, do not cross the road in places that are not intended for that,” added the police spokeswoman in conclusion.

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