Seminoles trying to avoid upset loss to Hurricanes: FSU vs. Miami halftime updates

Seminoles trying to avoid upset loss to Hurricanes: FSU vs. Miami halftime updates
Seminoles trying to avoid upset loss to Hurricanes: FSU vs. Miami halftime updates

The Seminoles went ahead early but let the Hurricanes back into the game in the second quarter

Tallahassee FL- Rivalry games, even when things look sure on paper, are never a guarantee.

Florida State, after surging to a 10-point lead early, is currently tied with the Miami Hurricanes 10-10 at halftime after a second quarter to forget.

The Seminoles offense was fantastic to start the game — they ran the ball well and got their tight ends involved on a 10-play, 55-yard touchdown drive. They put 125 total yards of offense on the board in that quarter and dominated time of possession.

The issue? After the end of the second quarter, FSU sat at just 126 total yards.

On the defensive side of the ball, Miami was able to move the ball well, logging multiple explosive plays — especially in the run game. They had a nice drive at the end of the half to even things up.

Florida State also made some key situational plays including two different Kalen Deloach sacks. Both were on third down, one led to the missed field goal from Miami, and the other led to a punt.

Jordan Travis, currently 9 of 15 for 105 yards, had a scary moment toward the end of the half where he became oblivious to the pass rush and his positioning on the field of play, coming inches from being sacked for a safety which, at this point in the game, would have completely swung momentum in Miami’s favor.

Overall, the half was up and down for the Seminoles — the offense showed some of the issues we have seen throughout the season, most flaring up in the second quarter, showing that they can struggle with drive-to-drive consistency.

Their defense was more surprising in the first half — after a strong start despite two explosive pass plays, they struggled to contain the Miami run game and were bad tackling in the open field. They held up on the last drive of the half and kept Miami from scoring a touchdown that would have given them the lead.

Florida State 10, Miami 10: Halftime Stats

Total Yards:

Miami: 180

Florida State: 126

Passing Yards:

Miami: 84

Florida State: 105

Rush Yards:

Miami: 96

Florida State: 21st


Miami: 3-24

Florida State: 1-10

1st Downs:

Miami: 7

Florida State: 8th

3rd Downs:

Miami: 3-7

Florida State: 3-7

4th Downs:

Miami: 0-0

Florida State: 0-0

Total Plays:

Miami: 30

Florida State: 31st

Avg Yds/Plays:

Miami: 6.0

Florida State: 4.1

Avg Yds/Completion:

Miami: 16.8

Florida State: 11.7

Avg Yds/Rush:

Miami: 5.1

Florida State: 1.3

Sack-Adj Rush Yd(Avg):

Miami: 111 (6.5)

Florida State: 35 (2.3)

Red Zone:

Miami: 2-2

Florida State: 2-2

Time of Possession:

Miami: 2:45 p.m

Florida State: 3:15 p.m

Turnovers (Def Pts Off):

Miami: 0 (0)

Florida State: 0 (0)


Miami: 0-0

Florida State: 0-0

Sacks (Def Yds):

Miami: 1 (14)

Florida State: 2 (15)

Defensive Yds:

Miami: 3 (18)

Florida State: 3 (20)

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