Schmarcz: The European Union can take money from Hamas and thus push it to the wall. But she joins the terrorists and thus becomes complicit in their atrocities

Schmarcz: The European Union can take money from Hamas and thus push it to the wall. But she joins the terrorists and thus becomes complicit in their atrocities
Schmarcz: The European Union can take money from Hamas and thus push it to the wall. But she joins the terrorists and thus becomes complicit in their atrocities

However, the European Union refuses to adhere to this good principle. After the terrible atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel, Gaza increased its subsidies. First tripled, now even quadrupled. In doing so, she gives up the leverage she could use to push the terrorists. Moreover, it shows cynicism and disrespect for the victims of the massacre.

Money is a powerful tool. Without the generosity of the Europeans, Hamas could never have had so many rockets, tunnels, weapons and supplies for a long war. We are not alone though, Iran and Qatar support terrorists directly while we officially send humanitarian and development aid to the Palestinian Arabs. However, we are their biggest funder, and without us, that criminal organization would not even have access to the kind of funds it uses to murder Jews. So we are her silent accomplice all the time.

Subsidies to the Palestinians have long been the target of criticism. Because in no way are they helping peace and reconciliation in the Middle East. The leaders of Fatah (rules in Judea and Samaria, i.e. in the so-called West Bank) and Hamas, which established a totalitarian and cruel state in Gaza, are robbed on a large scale. And even in the “best” case, in the worst, they go to arm the terrorists. Unfortunately, however, most EU states oppose Israel a priori and support its enemies. Even at this moment, when the terrorists brutally and brutally murdered over fourteen hundred Jews.

Only four EU countries voted against the disgraceful UN resolution, which refused to condemn Hamas but demanded that Israel end military operations in Gaza: the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Fifteen abstained (which in the mathematics of the General Assembly means to be in favor, because these votes are not counted and reduce the quorum). And eight were even in favor, including France and Spain. In other words, out of the twenty-seven EU members, only four have clearly opposed the terrorists.

Here it is appropriate to remark sarcastically that if after this someone wanted the Czech Republic to give up its right of veto in foreign and security matters, it would be a matter of sky-high impudence. And if someone were to promote something like this in our country, they would demonstrate immense naivety, or ignorance of national interests. It is precisely the opposition to Israel and the support of the Palestinian Arabs by the majority in the EU that is one of the main reasons why we cannot cede competence in international relations to Brussels. We would be forced to betray our close ally.

For a while it seemed that, under the impression of the terrible crimes committed by the Arabs against the Jews, the Europeans would change their attitude after all. However, the miracle did not happen, (at least latent) anti-Semitism apparently remains a majority position in the Union. This was shown both by the vote in the UN and by the fact that, despite the initial statement of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the financing of the Palestinians not only did not stop, but the EU even promised Hamas four times more money than was planned for Gaza.

The European Union’s behavior in financing an entity that commits such terrible crimes is incomprehensible, stupid, immoral. This is generally true. In this particular case, however, everything has one more dimension. Hamas has kidnapped and is still holding hundreds of hostages in Gaza. Many are trying to get them released. Instantly cutting off the cash flow could be a powerful bargaining chip. And we would hold it in our hands. But we unwisely give it up and basically say that we don’t care about Jewish lives.

As they say, look for money behind everything. In the case of the Europeans sent to the Palestinians, their trail is very bloody… We could at least partly make up for it if we now used them as leverage on the leadership of Hamas. Largely as a result of our reckless generosity, terrorist leaders have helped themselves to multi-billion dollar fortunes. We help them feel comfortable and safe in Qatar. Taking away their appanage is the least we can do to liberate the kidnapped Jews. So far, it doesn’t seem like the EU is going to do that.

If we said that we will only pay the hundred million euros as ransom for the hostages, it would have some logic. And even if this step didn’t help, at least it would ease Europe’s bad conscience. However, some leaders of member countries would have to have something like a conscience. Spain’s social affairs minister and president of the ultra-left Podemos party, Ionne Belarro, is demanding that Israel end the “genocide” in Gaza. Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutterová, for the Greens, is even calling for sanctions against the Jewish state.

This behavior of the EU extreme left is the height of absurdity, cynicism and proof of an absolute deficit of the sense of justice. Let’s imagine that after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, we send “humanitarian aid” to the Kremlin and threaten Kiev with sanctions if it does not immediately conclude a ceasefire… The difference in the balance of forces is not decisive. It is essential not to forget who is the aggressor and who is the victim. However, in the case of Israel and Gaza, some “good Europeans” reverse the roles and confuse cause and effect.

It is causality at all that causes difficulties for many European politicians, academics, opinion leaders and journalists in the case of the Middle East conflict. At the beginning was the attack by the Arabs, which they launched immediately after Israel was established on the basis of the UN resolution. They lost that war, as well as three others they started. Nevertheless, many EU countries are still on their side. No, we cannot expect Brussels to do anything to save the Jews, to stop the flow of money to the terrorists and thereby push them to the wall. European leaders are like deaf and blind. And they have the blood of the innocent on their hands.

Martin Schmarczpublisher of SPEKTÁKL magazine, spektá

Photo: Pixabay

Author: Martin Schmarcz

The article is in Czech

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