Battle menu. First RFA vs. IAF: Special Fight Night. Then it’s the turn of the Walk


Jiří Procházka vs. Alex Pereira.PHOTO: UFC

The evening and night from November 11 to 12 is absolutely exceptional for the domestic MMA scene. First, the first joint gala evening of the RFA and IAF organizations in Prague at Podvinné mlýn, a few hours after that the expected UFC 295 will also start, the highlight of which will be the battle of the titans Jiří Procházka vs. Alex Pereira.

Event RFA vs. The IAF, which will offer an eleven-course menu with three title battles at the end, starts at the UNYP Arena from 19:00, and you will be able to buy tickets on the spot, or everything can be watched via PPV on the Real Sport TV platform.

The event will include David Zoula, Matěj Val, the up-and-coming Nick Stamidis, and the winner of the IAF reality show Natálie Trikalová. And especially. The giant and IAF champion Jevgenj Orlov will compete with the inscrutable Arya Hosseini, David Hošek will face the young rifle Viktor Červinský in the middleweight title battle, for the RFA weight belt in the weight up to 70 kilograms with Tadeáš Růžička and Jacob Mikula.

The main duel will be provided by the legendary Petr “Monster” Kníže and the IAF welterweight champion Steven Krt. There will be a special belt in the game.

“We have here the legend of the Czech-Slovak fight scene Monster (Petr Kníž) and against him the IAF champion Steven Krt. Steven was originally supposed to defend his belt on this date, but since we finally joined forces, Monster fights for RFA, Steven for us, so we have decided, I will give them a chance to compete for a special belt that will thus connect or cover both of our organizations,” explained IAF promoter Petr Ondruš.

He also invites MMA fans to the continuation of the evening and night. After the event, Prague’s One Club will open, where supporters, wrestlers and promoters will be able to strengthen themselves and prepare for the morning parade – joint viewing of UFC 295, which will culminate after our 4th hour in the morning with a fight for the vacant light heavyweight title between Czech samurai Jiří Procházka and Brazilian Indian Alex Pereira. You can watch this gala evening on Telly.

The long night can begin…


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