The baby had less than a 1% chance of survival, but his mom didn’t give up. Thanks to that, her daughter miraculously survived –


Determination, faith and hope on one side, tenacity and the will to live on the other. The cocktail of life that this mother mixed with her daughter speaks for itself…

Exactly three years ago, an American woman went Andy Mahoney for one routine pregnancy test and she certainly had no idea how cruel the reality regarding her unborn baby would be. The examination revealed that her unborn child has bilateral renal agenesis – meaning that his kidneys and bladder do not develop as they should.


Statistics in the US show that more than 40% of babies with this condition are stillborn, and those who do make it through the birth usually survive only a few hours. Without functioning kidneys, the child is unable to excrete or absorb fluids. In addition, when both kidneys become dysfunctional, the fetus’s lungs also stop developing.

Andi was not going to accept the harsh reality. Immediately after finding out the diagnosis, she contacted the specialist and made the six-hour trip to the clinic where he worked. But there she was told that only 0.013% of children with this defect can be saved and that the chances of her child surviving are minimal.

However, Andi never for a moment stopped believing in a happy ending and decided to do the best she could. First, she had to receive special fluid infusions for ten weeks to allow her daughter’s lungs to develop. It was these infusions that kept the baby alive for the rest of the pregnancy.

At 34 weeks, Andi’s amniotic fluid broke. Premature delivery was also threatened by a bacterial infection that threatened the girl. During it, however, the doctors were already ready to immediately give the child oxygen and perform several surgical procedures. Andi spent the first moments after giving birth in great stress and fear of whether she would see her daughter alive.

But small Emma is proof that miracles really do happen. She survived the difficult birth, even though she stayed with her mother in the hospital for six long months after the birth. In addition, she had to undergo regular home dialysis for the first two and a half years of her life, but she was still active in the world.

What was necessary for the little girl was a kidney transplant. And her mother was the perfect gift. The transplant took place in July this year and the relief and joy of both was unrelenting. Emmie, who will celebrate her 4th birthday next March, is proof that hope dies last…

Twins who were born at 22 weeks survived a brain bleed and only had a 10% chance of survival are celebrating their 1st birthday!

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