Sparta goes to Ostrava, Slavia to Olomouc

Sparta goes to Ostrava, Slavia to Olomouc
Sparta goes to Ostrava, Slavia to Olomouc


FC Baník Ostrava

The 15th round of FORTUNA:LEAGUE will offer very important matches of teams in the upper levels of the table on O2 TV Sport. Superstudio with moderator Petr Svěcený starts at 2:30 p.m.

Multidimensional O2 TV Football will bring the Pilsen-Slovacko duel. “Reporter David Nyč will talk about why Slovácko is the least productive team out there,” noted Petr Svěcený.

Sunday, November 12 from 3 p.m.: FC Baník Ostrava – AC Sparta Prague

The entire Moravian-Silesian region is looking forward to the arrival of the master. The box office of the Vítkovice arena reports “sold out” a long time ago. The fans are expecting a sparkling fight between the age-old rivals.

Ostrava lost only one of the last nine league matches, but did not win at home three times in a row. “We are glad that people are so interested in the match and we hope that together with the fans we will play a good match. Of course, we carefully watched Sparta’s match against Rangers on Thursday, it showed us that Sparta is also vulnerable, and it could be a guide for our match against each other.” said the Ostrava coach Pavel Hapal for

Baník lost to Sparta in three of the last four matches. “We feel that this is a really high-quality team. They have great power up front, there is Haraslín, Kuchta, and others, they also have the most goals scored in the league. But I believe that we will handle it well, that the players are well motivated and that it will show in our performance. We definitely want to be active and force Sparta into mistakes, which of course they also want us to make, but I hope we make fewer of them and get the three points.” he added.

Sparta managed to score points in 13 consecutive matches with Baník, they managed to win in the last match between them in Ostrava. “When you play European Cups, of course you spend more time traveling than preparing for matches. We have to deal with that because that’s why we want to play like this every season. That’s why we have to deal with it despite the distances,” stated Lars FriisSparta’s assistant coach, for the club’s website.

Letenský lost the only league match this season. “It will be a challenging match, they have had decent performances. They are especially strong at home, where they can count on support from the fans. I expect the Ostrava attacking trio to show their quality. But we are well prepared to face them,” let himself be heard.

“Our fans have no competition. I love the atmosphere at Letná, they give us their best even outside. Last time in Ostrava, they beat the home boiler with their cheering. I expect that to be the case now as well.” he added.

“With expert Antonín Rosa, we recall Baník’s last win over Sparta in April 2018. We remember David Buchta’s two goals from the match in Karviná, of course we must not forget Sparta’s unsuccessful duel in Glasgow.” introduced Petr Svěcený and added that reporter Vladimír Grebennikov will talk to Pavel Hapal and Brian Prisk.

Sunday, November 12 from 6:00 p.m.: SK Sigma Olomouc – AC Sparta Prague

Hanáci are undefeated in five competitive games. However, they have only earned a point from the last three duels. Now they have a heavy caliber in front of them. On Sunday, they will face Slavia Prague. “Everyone who follows Czech football knows how Slavia presents itself in the long term. It’s a strong, aggressive and agile team, it’s nothing new for us. But every opponent can be defeated. In the Czech league, even for Slavia, no match is easy. We will definitely try to win,” said the Olomouc coach’s assistant Jiří Saňák for

The Stitchers go to Hanau encouraged by Thursday’s 2-0 win over AS Roma in the Europa League. In FORTUNA:LIZE, on the other hand, last weekend they found a conqueror for the first time this season when they lost to Pilsen 1:2 in Eden. “The recipe in such matches, when you are facing a favorite, is usually always the same. It’s about teamwork, about making sure everything clicks into place on D-day and H-hour. Slavia had a similar situation against AS, for example Rome. You have to perform at the limit of your potential in multiple positions. You need that to be successful when you’re playing against the best,” Mrpaced Saňák.

Last year in October, Sigma beat their Sunday opponent 2:0 at home. “It will be important for us to be effective and when we create chances, we need to convert them. That was also the case in the last two matches, when we had more chances than the opponent, but we didn’t convert and that’s why we only drew. Against Slavia, it will be important that we manage to be dangerous for them,” Saňák judges.

The first start for Sigma can be attributed to the former representative Filip Novák “He is already ready for the match. He can play left-back and left-back, in a three-man or four-man defence. It opens up more options for us. We’ll see how we get on. We have some cracks in the team and we will see if all the players will be available in the end. Then we will decide accordingly,” added Saňák about the health of the team.

Slavia will go into the fight at Hané strengthened by the scalp of AS Rome 2:0. “One thing is the result, which is great, we got the scalp of a really huge club. In our era, it is perhaps a victory over the biggest club. From this point of view, it is really good for the future, it will be remembered a lot. But even more important is the path we took to reach the result. It was exactly the performance we wanted and needed, full of emotion, commitment and the right aggression and attitude, whether from the players, the management team or the fans. It was a beautiful experience that we will definitely remember and we are very happy for it. We have to keep confirming it,” the assistant coach approached the duel with the Italian team Jaroslav Köstl for

Slavia has lost only one of the last 14 mutual league matches, in Olomouc they have won three of the last four matches. “It is important for Olomouc that the team has long-term coaches who do a great job. This is confirmed in this season as well, even though they have a slump in results now, so they are staying in the upper levels of the table. It’s a reward for the work he does. They made a very good and interesting team, such a mix of older and younger players. An unpleasant opponent, but of course we will want to succeed there, to give the same performance as we did on Thursday in order to make it in Moravia.” he followed up.

The Vršovice team lost to Plzeň in the last round and suffered their first defeat in the league season, they did not score in the highest competition after 16 matches. “The games are tricky there, we experienced it last year when we were 2-0 down after the tenth minute. In the end, we struggled to turn the heat, so going into the match will be hugely important for us. I believe we will set ourselves up correctly to succeed there,” he added.

One of the main topics of the pre-match study will be the return of defender Filip Novák to Olomouc. “Experts Zdeněk Folprecht and Petr Mikolanda will share their observations. At Slavia, we will focus on Mojmír Chytil,” concluded Petr Svěcený, saying that reporter Denisa Doležalová will interview Václav Jílek and Jindřich Trpišovský.

Sunday program FORTUNA: LEAGUES

  • 3 p.m., O2 TV Sport: FC Baník Ostrava – AC Sparta Prague.
    Saint Peter. Expert: Antonín Rosa. Commentators: Jan Homolka and Aleš Svoboda. Reporter: Vladimir Grebennikov.
  • 3 p.m., O2 TV Football: FC Viktoria Plzeň – 1. FC Slovácko.
    Adam Hála and Tomáš Radotínský. Reporter: David Nyč.
  • 6 p.m., O2 TV Sport: SK Sigma Olomouc – SK Slavia Prague.
    Saint Peter. Experts: Zdeněk Folprecht and Petr Mikolanda. Commentators: Václav Pilný and Radek Šilhan. Reporter: Denisa Doležalová.

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