From the beginning, Kiev was in the air flow. Stay in cover, Mayor

From the beginning, Kiev was in the air flow. Stay in cover, Mayor
From the beginning, Kiev was in the air flow. Stay in cover, Mayor

After a long, 52-day absence, the enemy resumed the flow of rockets to Kiev! After the drone flow, the Russians tried to flow with rockets this morning, Serhij Popko, a non-member of the Kyiv military, said. According to him, the Iskander stele was probably built before it reached the capital.

According to Ruslan Kravenk, head of the Kyiv region, two rockets landed in a field between two villages, and the pressure wave slightly damaged five houses and commercial buildings. No one was killed or injured, he added.

The command of the Ukrainian Air Force announced today that air defenses shot down 19 out of 31 drones aimed at Ukraine overnight. According to him, Russia sent Ch-31, Oniks and S-300 missiles to Ukrainian customs.

Loud explosions were heard on the left bank of the capital. According to preliminary information, the anti-aircraft defense systems worked against ballistic missiles, Kliko said on the Telegram communication platform. The alarm still lasts. Stay in cover! he added.

The Reuters and AFP agencies reported on two strong explosions in Kyiv, citing witnesses.

According to the Reuters agency, the alert for the capital and the surrounding area was sounded only a few minutes before, but there were no explosions. Mstsk ady urged residents to stay in shelters.

Serhiy Popko, a non-Kiev military official, previously stated that the Ukrainian air defense destroyed all air targets on the approaches to Kyiv and that the flow of Russian drones, in particular, went around without loss of life or property.

Since the start of its invasion of Ukraine last year, Russia has regularly launched airstrikes on Kiev and Ukrainian cities. Last winter, systematic holes in the Ukrainian energy system regularly left the press’s household without electricity and heating.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said this week that Ukraine deployed new anti-aircraft defense systems supplied by former allies in response to a new wave of Russian flows to energy infrastructure.

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