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Internet fraud has been increasing at an unprecedented rate in recent years. This is evidenced not only by the data according to which their the number doubled last year compared to 2021 and a total of people lost more than 2 billion crowns due to fraudsters, writes the ČT24 website. Evidence is also provided by many specific cases, which Události247 regularly reports on. Examples include scams through phone calls or fake offers for an electronic SIM card. Now there is another dangerous scam that people should beware of.

Please do not even open this email

The Novinky website writes about the warning issued by the state, or the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It refers to fraudulent messages that are spread through SMS and e-mails. Their the aim is to lure unsuspecting victims into fictitious offers of state financial support such as housing allowances or other forms of social assistance. They then obtain personal and bank details from people, which they then use to break into their bank accounts and steal money.

In order to increase credibility, fraudsters also did not hesitate to create fake websites resembling the official portals of the Ministry or the Czech Social Security Administration. “In situations where a fake domain is identified, we react immediately and block these domains. But it’s important to remember that every week there are dozens of new fraudulent sites that try to abuse people’s trust.” Jakub Augusta, spokesman for the Department of Labor, said for the Novinky website.

So people should definitely pay attention to this e-mail, which may still come to them today. One reading and filling of sensitive data because it can cause them to lose all their money in a second.

This was not the first time that state websites had been misused

Already in the summer, the Novinky server reported on a fake website of the Ministry of Labor, through which thieves tried to rob people. And more and more often Fraudsters are also abusing, for example, the Citizen’s Identity website, warns the Lidovka server. At the same time, it should serve as a reliable means of communication between people and the state or banks.

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Carelessness on the Internet can cost people dearly

The fact that even the president himself has been abused in the past proves that fraudsters are not really protecting themselves, the Novinky website adds. “Relating by the reappearance of deceptive and fraudulent advertising tempting to value money and abusing the photo of President Petr Pavel and the logo of the ČEZ group, we warn against fraudsters and encourage everyone to be more careful,” the Novinky website quotes the August statement of the Office of the President of the Republic.

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