The model chosen by Playboy as the perfect woman has spent millions on plastic surgery. Beauty is the secret to a happy life, he says


Norwegian Playboy is clear, according to him, model Janaina Prazeres is the “perfect woman”. He awarded the award to a thirty-five-year-old Brazilian who is extremely popular on social networks, although she is not a big fan of natural beauty herself. She spent almost 7 million crowns on plastic surgery.

Janaina believes that beautiful people are happier in life. And she went a little against her “luck”. Not that she used to be a slob, but she decided to help herself with plastic surgery.

“I love to be beautiful. It gives me confidence. I believe this is the secret to a happy life. So if I can invest in beauty, I don’t save,” she described to foreign media.

And what did she spend such a bundle of money on? She has had several liposuctions, two nose jobs, several breast surgeries, butt lift and augmentation, facial fillers and rib removal.

And he definitely plans to keep spending. “We have to take advantage of what modern medicine has to offer, right? I’d rather help myself with procedures, because I simply won’t force myself to go on diets,” said the blonde.

She said she tried several diets, but since none worked immediately, she quickly gave up and preferred to go under the hood. “The scalpel is much easier, diets require a lifestyle change, and I’m not willing to go through that,” she explained, adding that she does try to eat healthy.

In his spare time, he does bodybuilding, does cardio training and works out with a trainer. “I eat a balanced diet, lots of protein and vegetables. I avoid sugary drinks, sugar and fast food. I’m into plastic surgery, but I also take care of my body,” she explained.

It is important for a model to feel good mentally. Among other things, she is helped by a therapist, with whom she has sessions once a week.

“You have to love yourself and always follow your dreams,” she tells anyone who needs to hear it.

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