Car accident near Holubice: a helicopter also flew to the injured


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Injured people needed help after a car accident near Holubice in the Vyškov region. Rescuers also dispatched a helicopter to the scene.

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Paramedics transported the injured to hospitals.

| Photo: Repro X HZS of the South Moravian Region

On the I/50 road near Holubice in the Vyškov region, South Moravian firefighters responded to a car accident on Saturday evening. Since there were two injured people on the scene, the firefighters provided them with first aid upon arrival.

Subsequently, they reported on the X social network that both people were treated by paramedics. At the same time, they transported the injured to hospitals. “We have handed over the site of the incident to the police and the units are leaving for the bases,” the firemen informed after securing a landing area for the air rescue helicopter and carrying out fire prevention measures.

The spokeswoman for the South Moravian rescuers, Michaela Bothová, specified for Deník that the man with a minor injury was taken by ambulance to the Vyško hospital’s surgery after treatment. “And after treatment, we airlifted the woman to a children’s hospital in Brno,” she said. The young woman suffered moderate injuries in the accident.

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