Karel Schwarzenberg died. We will not forget | TOP 09

Karel Schwarzenberg died. We will not forget | TOP 09
Karel Schwarzenberg died. We will not forget | TOP 09

The honorary chairman of TOP 09 and the founder of our party, Karel Schwarzenberg, died at the age of 85. When the sadness subsides, it’s time to look for inspiration. Karel Schwarzenberg was undoubtedly among the architects of the independent modern Czech state and the most inspiring personality of our post-revolutionary history. His ideas and lifelong struggle for freedom and human rights will always be among the core values ​​of TOP 09, the party he founded 14 years ago.

Karel Schwarzenberg was a Czech patriot and a European. Our country benefited from the extraordinary reputation and international relations that the honorary chairman of TOP 09 had. As a diplomat, chancellor of the President of the Republic Václav Havel and later Minister of Foreign Affairs, he helped shape the Czech Republic’s friendship and warm relations with the world.

“The fight for love and truth will last for the entire existence of humanity, but we must never give up,” the words spoken by Karel Schwarzenberg describe him completely. Service to the country he loved and service to the people were a matter of course for him throughout his life. Whether he did so before November 1989 with his support of the Czech dissent or as a senator, foreign minister, or deputy.

“Karel Schwarzenberg always told us – a politician must like people. He liked to have them and his people. I am extremely sorry that he left us. However, he left us a legacy that is immortal and we must carry it. I will always be grateful that he influenced my life in such a fundamental way. Rest in peace Karl,” says Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

“Karel Schwarzenberg died. I knew it was coming, but it’s still a blow. He was one of the most important and kindest people in my life. May he rest in peace. The Czech Republic should be forever grateful to him for everything he selflessly did for it.” says Miroslav Kalousek.

“For me, it has always been a symbol of the return of freedom, democracy and other traditional European values ​​to our country. It was he who continued the humanistic traditions embodied in the modern history of the Czech state by TG Masaryk and Václav Havel. His personality, ideas and incredible insight will be missed. As well as his unwavering support for justice and fighting for what is right at the time. But I’m sure his legacy and ideas will live on. In our hearts and in the history of this country,” says Jiří Pospíšil.

“Karel was one of the most important people I knew. He has been friends with his father since childhood. We first met when I was in my early twenties. I was fortunate enough to interview him and visit him during the years that are important in the formation of a young man’s personality. When he founded TOP 09, I sent an application because I wanted to give something back to him. I had no idea how far it could go. I thought I would remain a regular member. He was my lifelong role model. He had a significant influence on me,” says Tomáš Czernin.

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