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PARDUBICE – The firefighters from Pardubice have had a rough night – specifically shift A, which responded to two apartment fires in the morning.

The first high-rise fire – a burning apartment on the 3rd floor in Polabiná, ul. Partyzánů was reported at 00:57. A professional unit of CHS Pardubice and two units of JSDHO Staré Hradiště and Srch intervened on the spot.

The Police of the Czech Republic did a good job on the spot, evacuating 8 people from the 3rd floor of the building before our units arrived. Then we took over the reins of the intervention. It was not possible to set up a ladder, so we conducted the intervention only through the internal intervention route and one C beam was used to extinguish the fire. We used positive pressure ventilation for the fire and we evacuated the building with the help of evacuation masks, during which we evacuated 15 people from the house. We checked the 5th – 9th floors by survey, here the residents of the house were fine and opened the windows. We ventilated all floors, evacuees who were temporarily placed in the side entrance were able to return to their apartments after the fire was extinguished.


Photo: HZS Pardubice Region

One person was injured in the fire and was taken to the EMS for examination. Preliminary damage was determined by the fire investigator at 2 million crowns, the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The second fire was reported to the Regional Operations Center of the Fire Rescue Service at 5:36 a.m., again in Polabiná, Ohrazenická Street. It was a fire in an apartment on the 5th floor. Units of CHS Pardubice and JSDHO Staré Hradiště and Srch were sent to the scene. In this case, it was a fire caused by the battery-charged stick vacuum cleaner catching fire. What was interesting in this case was that the fire, which started in a closed room, extinguished itself before the arrival of the units. Due to the fact that the smoke quickly filled the room, the fire went out on its own. Depending on the unfavorable ventilation conditions, the oxygen concentration in the area affected by the fire has dropped to such a limit that the flame combustion stops. The fire was therefore controlled by ventilation and there was no transition from the burning phase to the full development phase. Firefighters ventilated the apartment with positive pressure ventilation, checked the space with a thermal camera, and then handed over the scene to the owner. No one was injured in the fire, preliminary damage was determined by the investigator at 50,000 crowns.

Source: HZS Pardubice Region

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