Mass crash, injured and lying lifeless. An exercise took place in the Blanka tunnel


/PHOTO GALLERY/ Mass accident of several cars and a bus, lots of injured and lifeless people everywhere. On Saturday night, the Bubeneč Tunnel in Prague looked like something out of the disaster movie Daylight.

From the tactical exercise of the IZS units in the Blanka tunnel complex in Prague.

| Photo: Firefighters Prague

Fortunately, it was not a real disaster, but only a tactical exercise of the IZS units, which took place on the night of Saturday, November 11, with the aim of verifying the readiness of tactical procedures in dealing with an emergency, in this case a mass traffic accident with subsequent fire and large number of injured. As stated by HZS Praha spokesman Daniel Fík, the tactical exercise took place as part of routine maintenance of the Blanka tunnel complex.

“According to the prepared scenario of the tactical exercise, the traffic accident involved a bus, five passenger vehicles, including a vehicle carrying a protected person, and five dozen injured persons. The tactical exercise was divided into three phases, namely the elimination of the fire in part of the bus and the passenger vehicle, the rescue of persons from the bus and from passenger vehicles and removing the consequences of the traffic accident. The whole situation was also complicated by a simulated outage of the Pegas radio network connection,” Daniel Fík described the course of the event.

At Kamenné Přívoz, the Porsche crashed into a tree. The passenger was seriously injured

The tactical exercise with the participation of all basic components of the Integrated Rescue System was supposed to test joint cooperation, the START triage method in connection with the priorities of rescuing injured persons from crashed vehicles, as well as the abilities of commanders in managing a major emergency.

The intervention was ended at about 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, and the Blanka tunnel complex was subsequently made accessible again.


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