Food prices will rise according to food. The minister disagrees

Food prices will rise according to food. The minister disagrees
Food prices will rise according to food. The minister disagrees

Veeov stated that the recent drop in food prices was mainly due to a functioning market, not government pressure, which both Vborn and the Prime Minister talked about several times. On the other hand, spending on healthcare led to growth, she added. That is why, in a situation where, according to the latest information, energy prices for companies have sharply increased, it cannot be assumed that food prices are falling, she added.

According to them, the negotiations with manufacturers and businesswomen, which Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced in a video last week, took place.

The President of the Trade and Tourism Association, Tom Prouza, noted in the speech that if there is such a great demand for cheaper food, traders must reach for imported goods.

And whatever the price of energy is, it will certainly lead to an increase in food prices, added Prouza. He pointed out that the possible increase in consumption would put food companies at a great disadvantage against foreign countries. The government’s consolidated package of money will be taken out of the loan, the rules will be changed for employees to agree and make changes, he added. According to the president of the Chamber of Agriculture, Jan Doleal, however, the export of foreign food products is difficult for consumers.

The Minister of Agriculture, Marek Vborn, saw a problem between food and agriculture. When it comes to energy-efficient operations, there is a search. We know we can do it, he said. The promises made by the sellers will be fulfilled. We can’t stay on what was paid for covid, that it was compensated. We have to move towards what was before this time, the minister said.

The Energy Regulator ad (ER) recently announced that for households it is proposing a rate increase regulated by the electricity component by 71 percent and by roughly 39 percent for gas, which should be increased for large consumers.

It is proposed not only by business organizations, but according to the opposition, the situation is a failure of the government. However, Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated that, in the end, energy prices will rise by a maximum of one percent in the fifth year compared to last year. The final form of regulated energy clauses will be clear at the end of November.

The price of energy consists of the business unit, which is determined by the supplier, and the regulation, which is administered by the state. In the fifth year, the regulated portion of electricity should make up about 40 percent of the final price for households, and about 20 percent for gas.

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