Death of the Miner! Sparta fans arrived in Ostrava. Heavy-duty men with dogs were waiting for them


Death of the Miner! Jeb.. Baník, jeb.. Ostrava!” These and other shouts and chants echoed through the train station in Ostrava-Svinov on Sunday afternoon, where Sparta Prague fans arrived for their team’s match against Baník Ostrava.

They were awaited by policemen, dog handlers with dogs, police officers and special buses of the Ostrava Transport Company, which began to transport them to the Municipal Stadium. Three 18-meter articulated buses were available.

The mining hooligans have another big problem. They were caught up in a fight in Trnava

Other Spartans went to Ostrava by other lines and along their own axis. The match is sold out, expect a stormy atmosphere. It will also be full in the guest sector, which can accommodate almost 900 visitors. The police have taken security measures in connection with the Baník – Sparta match, which is considered the most risky of the season.

An increased number of law enforcement officers oversees order, and the most modern camera and other technology is deployed.

The so-called mobile unit of the Police of the Czech Republic will also appear in the event. It consists of powerful video cameras, cameras and a computer workstation located in the vehicle. The device immediately evaluates images and recordings, thanks to which rapists can be quickly identified. There will also be city police patrols around the stadium, including constables on horseback.


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