Charlotte was found dead in bed: Neighbors heard calls for help!


The tragedy took place in the Slovak city of Nové Město nad Váhom. On Friday, November 10, rescuers discovered the lifeless body of Charlotte (†21) in an apartment in a local housing estate. The police started looking into the case and took her boyfriend away for questioning. Neighbors testified that screams and even calls for help were heard from the apartment during the night from Thursday to Friday.

Rescuers went to the housing estate in the early hours of Friday, November 10, after receiving a report of an unconscious woman on the emergency line. “We sent an RZP crew to the site. Unfortunately, the rescuers were unable to help the 21-year-old woman and pronounced her dead,” spokeswoman for rescuers Petra Klimešová told the Slovak daily Nový Čas. The police also went to the scene and began to deal with the case.

According to Slovak TV JOJ, her boyfriend Daniel lived in the apartment with 21-year-old Šarlota. The 25-year-old man was to be taken away for questioning by the police. “The police were at the scene where the initial actions were taking place. The circumstances and causes of the tragic event are at the stage of investigation, and for that reason it is not possible to provide more information for the time being.” said police spokeswoman Ingrid Krajčíková.

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According to the Plus Jeden DEŇ newspaper, the partners often argued and the police had even intervened several times before. Daniel was supposed to be problematic and fart.. “The girl was said to be dead in bed in the morning. Her partner was supposed to wake up in the morning and she wasn’t breathing. She was supposed to be bleeding from her nose and ears. He called an ambulance, but unfortunately, it was too late,” neighbors said.

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The young man was supposed to brutally beat his girlfriend. “I was once there when he brutally beat Charlotte. He threw her down the stairs and ran from the police. They broke up that day and Charlotte went back to him again, even though he beat her father and her.” said one of the neighbors on the social network. On the fateful evening, screams and calls for help were heard from the apartment. “I heard them arguing nonstop,” another neighbor said, adding that even she called the police herself.

Charlotte (†21) was found dead in an apartment in Nové Město nad Váhom.

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