Jaguars vs. 49ers: Week 10 live blog and open thread

Jaguars vs. 49ers: Week 10 live blog and open thread
Jaguars vs. 49ers: Week 10 live blog and open thread

The Jaguars host the 49ers at 1:00 in Everbank

The Jacksonville Jaguars are fresh off a bye and get ready to face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10 of the 2023 season. Kickoff is at 1:00 pm ET To find out how to watch/listen to the game click here.


The weather is also a little gloomy in Jacksonville with cloudy skies and a high of 63 degrees. However, there is no rain in the forecast.

You can see in this video the uniforms for today. About 30 minutes until it’s time for football in Jacksonville!!!

Trevor is getting the offense ready and this game is going to be exciting to say the least.

1st quarter

-Joe Davis on that broadcast if you’re watching on FOX really makes it just feel like a bigger game

-49ers kick the ball off and the Jaguars will start with the ball

-Trevor Lawrence is sacked and the Jaguars are forced to punt, not a great first drive for Jacksonville

– 49ers can’t miss on their opening drive and Purdy finds Aiyuk for an opening drive touchdown Jaguars down 7-0 early

-Trevor Lawrence is sacked again and the Jaguars start the game with 2 straight 3 and outs

-Jaguars defense finally comes up with a big play and sacks Purdy

-49ers convert the field goal the score is now 10-0 if the Jaguars don’t figure out their offense soon it could get ugly fast

-Jags get a first down but are forced to punt 49ers defense are taking away those sideline throws to Calvin Ridley

-That’s the end of the 1st quarter as the Jaguars defense looks shaky to start but seems to have settled in recently, the offense needs to step it up big time

2nd quarter

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