“Let’s act like people.” But the death of Schwarzenberg washed away a great darkness


Let’s behave like people, urged Senator Zdeněk Hrab, after reactions to the death of former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg began to rain. According to him, comments disrespectful to the deceased appeared on social networks. However, the networks of ANO leader Andrej Babiš experienced the explosion, as he offered his condolences on Schwarzenberg’s death. Supporters of the government coalition rudely scolded the opposition leader, asking him to remain silent and not express his condolences. Journalist Jan Palička dealt with those who did not recognize Schwarzenberg.


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Description: Karel Schwarzenberg received one of the highest Ukrainian honors – the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, 2nd class

“Let’s act like people, for God’s sake. This is a request that has been on my mind since morning while reading various discussions here on the internet. I remember those disgusting and inhuman comments from the time when the then president Zeman was hospitalized. Similar abominations appear from some (of course from the ‘other side’) now that Karel Schwarzenberg has died. I am not comparing these two personalities because they are both completely different. Still: both are and were human. Like all of us. And then the politicians. I know, politics are heated, but we can still – I hope – behave like people. The fact that I do not agree with someone politically, even if I do not agree with their ways in politics, does not mean that I will wish them dead or rejoice in their death. It’s disgusting and inhumane. There aren’t many people like that, I believe, but I’m always sorry for what this handful is capable of producing…” commented Senator Zdeněk Hraba on his profile on the X network.

The unsuccessful presidential candidate Danuše Nerudová also made a similar call. “I feel sorry for all of you who write disgusting comments about Karl’s death. You didn’t manage to offend him while you were alive, you won’t offend him now. And you know what? He would forgive you those insults even now,” she wrote.

Former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) experienced negative news in particular, who condoled the death of Karel Schwarzenberg on the networks, and government supporters attacked him in the discussion as to how he could actually afford such a thing.

“Sad news about the death of Karel Schwarzenberg. I’m sorry, sincere condolences to all the survivors,” wrote Andrej Babiš (ANO).

“You’re not sorry, you’re a psychopathic bitch…” responded one of the readers, for example.

“For example, how many dissidents have you supported, like Karel Schwarzenberg??! Do you want to redeem yourself from the filth you did to your children?! Chucpe!” commented another netizen.

“Not you, Andrei, not you, please!!!! I don’t want to read it from you,” adds another.

“The more silent you are, the better you will do. He wouldn’t care about your fake condolences,” comments another.

On his profile on the X network, journalist Honza Paliček also commented on former Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Schwarzenberg.

“Karel Schwarzenberg was a true patriot. He was expelled from this country by the Bolshevik group, whose undertakers until the last day put him in the family of foreigners, Sudetenians, degenerates and accused him of collaborating with the Nazis. Karel Schwarzenberg could have stayed abroad, either in Austria or in Germany, he could have enjoyed a contented and peaceful life and broken his stick over the Czech Republic. But he loved the country so much that he returned immediately after the fall of totalitarianism and sacrificed over 30 years of his life to help the Czech Republic become a Western democracy with respect for human rights. All the time there are incredibly scumbag campaigns against him, he could have gotten away with it at any time, but he kept going because he believed it was the right thing to do. After all, that’s also why all those socialist nostalgics and Kremlinophiles couldn’t come up with his name, because he really was a patriot when they stole this word for themselves and turned it into a poor empty shell. Karel Schwarzenberg served the state. May he rest in peace,” Palička wrote.

To the question of what Schwarzenberg did for the state, which was put to him by one of the X network users, Palička replied: “He was one of those who helped set the international political orientation of the current Czech Republic, firmly anchored among liberal democracies. That’s a million times more than all the anonymous profiles on the Internet, who just have a mouth full of bullshit and outstretched arms, will ever do for the Czech Republic.”

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