Czech businesswoman Kamila Mortimer died in an accident in Bali

Czech businesswoman Kamila Mortimer died in an accident in Bali
Czech businesswoman Kamila Mortimer died in an accident in Bali

Czech businesswoman Kamila Mortimer died on an exotic island in Indonesia. A former director of an international advertising and marketing company lost her life in a motorcycle accident in Bali. Her friend, fashion designer Vanda Janda, is devastated by this news, as are, for example, Beata Rajská or Dagmar Havlová.

Fashion and travel were passions for Kamila Mortimer. Just a month ago, she headed to the island of Tenerife, after a short return to Prague, she then went to Indonesia, specifically to the popular island of Bali. Unfortunately, her desire to discover new places became fatal.

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According to the Blesk website, a Czech businesswoman succumbed to injuries caused by a tragic motorcycle accident.

Mortimer is remembered by many celebrities

The sad news of the death of Kamila Mortimer, who worked as CEO of the international company JCDecaux for more than six years and was CEO of Outdoor Akzent for almost 10 years, affected a number of well-known personalities.

Designer Beata Rajská shared a memory with the entrepreneur on a social network. “It got dark too early, Kami. I will not forget, we will not forget,” she wrote briefly and attached a joint photo.

The fashion designer Vanda Janda, who has experienced a lot with the entrepreneur, is also mourning the loss, although recently they have not been in as close contact as they used to be. “You were honest, strong, and convinced of your truth based on your actions. That’s what I admired about you, you taught me so much,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

“Kamila leaves behind a huge mark. No one will ever be like her and she should be an inspiration to all of us to enjoy life till the last minute. Long time no see but we will miss you. The world was more interesting and shiny with you,” said makeup artist Pavel Kortan.

Other well-known faces, such as singers Elizabeth Kopecká and Monika Absolonová or actress Dagmar Havlová, added comments with sad emoticons under Mortimer’s last post.

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