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Platinum ounce coins of the monument listed in UNESCO, each for 50 thousand crowns, where you can find not only Tel, Krom and dal, but also Jizerskohorsk buiny. A set of two gold ounce investment coins Czech lion and Eagle for 120 thousand crowns. Fraternal coin series Famous artists, where Oscar Wilde and Franz Kafka take the newest position, each for 32 thousand crowns.

The Moscow Colosseum is the first of a series of new Seven Wonders of the World, where the legendary monument is commemorated with a gold coin weighing one troy ounce. Falling gold coins in the Prask jaro weekly set, event, 55 years have passed since they were released, 17,790 crowns per piece. These are not some old-fashioned collections or drabs. These are investment products of the Esk Mint, which creates a general hunger for gold.

It is difficult to decide which product will best satisfy this demand. I think that you price category is more than gold coins. This is clearly an investment for the future. Crystal coin is very popular in stbr. The mint field is decorated with an esk kil. Nn, neotel and eye-catching jacket at an affordable price. Very often, people choose for the handle a personified medal with a new one or even a photographer, pondering over the darkness of the handle of the marketing of the Czech Mint Jaroslav Black with the addition that a gold coin will never hurt.

A tiny coin with a big legacy

The Czech Mint is preparing pmo medals with the theme of Night. The sound of the message of repentance belongs to two cultures. In recent years, not only the Von theme has taken up residence on the mint’s commemorative medals. We remembered the most famous carol Tich noc, followed by the medal tr day, then Ti krolov. Don’t forget St. Nicholas. An essential part of the issue is always a themed paper package, where you can write a new one, explains Lenka Klimentov, spokeswoman for the Czech Mint, adding that this year there is also a special Zlat prastko cover on offer.

Of the non-religious themes, gold coins are distributed every year through at least some programs. Our presses first leave St. Martin, which is still revered today as a protector against poverty. In addition to the poor, he is the patron saint of soldiers, riders, wine, abstinence and domestic guests, Klimentov added. Medalist David Kruliak dedicated the reverse side of the coin to St. Martin in the form of a male soldier who pierces his chest. With Czech-English text on the package, they will also send an original ring to the collection as an available cover.

Dvn’s history will fascinate everyone

The Czech mint also relied on the full flow of Czech history, when money began to be used in exchange. Let’s take on a unique and unusual numismatic project to support financial literacy, which in a popular form represents the pinnacle of coinage on earth, is the work of an expert on the word relation, Lenka Klimentov describes the project. Replicas of period coins are stored in an engaging leporel by the popular writer and illustrator Lucie Seifertov, who with wit and pride captures the history of old coins and their users.

The weight of the single esc lion coin dated 2023, which is covered with a unique security hologram, is five kilograms, which is the heaviest loot of the esc mint

In the fraternal tin case, those silver ounce coins will be taken out very soon under the tree, with the fate of an orphan, who was raised by an ox after the death of a humanoid tiger. The book was one of the most famous literary works of all time.

Certainty is called aurum

And then there are investment products offering safe and valuable financial resources. Start from the assumption that few people know what will happen in the house and the world economy in half a year. The events that shook the whole world in the last three years alone, and that was covid, the flow to Ukraine and now the situation in Israel, two of these insecurities for the truth, mn f marketing.

For controversies and doubts about the future, the mint provides variants, especially in gold. This track does not wear metal, does not corrode, does not change for years. Don’t lose values, on the contrary. D will sell immediately and quickly. Gold encased in medals and coins in addition to numismatic value, with coins even without VAT.

The Mesozoic liver that appears on a silver coin of the Czech Mint from the Prehistoric cycle is an archeopteryx

Hell for the future, that’s for sure

As a doctor, you can start and pay someone a loan. That’s very likely from your ancestors. I started both my daughters-in-law with their names as soon as they were born. If there’s any way to go, he gave a break. They will remember me in their golden treasury. At the same time, the possibility to leave coins stored in the mint’s safes for free, highlights the convenience of Zlatho sopen, a client of the mint.

Zlat spoen is available for everyone. On the Internet, on our website www.zlaty-zivot.cz, enter how high a price you want to buy. You will immediately receive a product offer that you can count on. You can do it from the comfort of your home, explains speaker Lenka Klimentov. Don’t worry, save up to 1,500 crowns.

With where VANOCE23 ptistovka

The entire process is subject to a combined principal return and no transfer order. The gold will go from the mint to the house, or to free storage in a safe in the company headquarters. This type of investment pension has been chosen by the press and it is growing. By Christmas, the mint decided to give new depositors 500 kroner in prison. Stand in the marked field where VANOCE23 appears, and we will give you a bonus, confirming that the action is valid until the end of the year.

This is the general view that coins and medals are only collected for collection and worth a lot of money. In recent times, it is still popular to present the medal as a cake. D personify yourself: on one side a photo of the birthday boy, on the other side congratulations. We have a unique technology that can turn a photo into a coin field. We will make one piece, in the silver version, it costs 2,500 crowns, for Jaroslav black.

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