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POINT OF VIEW: In Germany on Thursday, a schoolboy shot a schoolboy “for personal reasons”, in grim synchronicity, part of the manifesto of the Nashville, Tennessee school shooting monster from March of this year (dead: three adults, three nine-year-olds) was “leaked” a few days earlier. The mayor immediately commissioned a legal team to investigate the leak from the police file. In the information age, mass murderers usually publish their “manifestos” themselves. The matter can be looked at with dignity from both sides, against the public’s interest in knowing the motives (and on the basis of them, perhaps to better protect oneself in the future), the right to privacy of the victims’ families stands, although there is a big question mark if in at least twenty diaries and one “memoir ” left behind by the monster eliminated by the police, there will be anything specific about them. The killing was accidental.

Media coverage of the tragedy seemed noticeably weaker than is sadly the norm, but this could be seen more as a step in the right direction; mass murderers want posthumous publicity to fill their empty lives, if they knew there wouldn’t be one, would that stop at least one? However, some conservative commentators believe that the reason for this unusual secrecy is precisely the content of the voice recorder, or rather the political beliefs contained in it.

Three pages were published: the first with a drawing of a revolver celebrating “the day, it’s finally here!”, the second is the timetable (including saying goodbye to the stuffed animals from 7.05 to 8.55), the last page is probably the most important. The author (the psychopath with the machine guns was a trans man) – a 28-year-old former student at the same school vents her hatred of white, socially well-off students. Three pages from the hand of a psychopath are of course not an ideological document, but they are a document of the times; it would be more reasonable to publish the connections.

Did reverse racism really affect the murderer? She was white herself, but that doesn’t change things, white self-hatred or let’s say white self-loathing is somehow part of a good tone. If the manifesto spoke of hatred of blacks, if the victims were African-Americans, would the police and the media have behaved with the same restraint? After what happened after Black Lives Matter?

The private school where she killed the children was Christian. In the immediate aftermath of the massacre in March, some Republican senators said the shooting was an anti-Christian hate crime; given the enthusiasm with which various sections of society there throw themselves into the role of victim, this should be taken with a grain of salt. However, American believers have been complaining for a long time about the growing anti-Christian sentiment, which is also growing into state structures.

Already in the winter, the FBI targeted traditional Catholics who, according to a controversial internal document, were supposed to be potential foci of domestic extremism and terrorism; the FBI deployed at least one undercover agent on the Catholics as part of an investigation into their alleged connections to a “far-right white nationalist movement.” The number of vandalism of churches is also increasing, and this is how our non-spiritual transformation manifests itself in matter: secular dogmas collide with Christian ones, insult them and finally defeat them. For example, the inscriptions My body, my choice or Religion of hatred appear on the doors of churches. The hand that sprayed them was surely guided by the values ​​of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance. But there is not a word about Christians in the published material; maybe if the murderer had studied, for example, at a sports school, the victims would have been future athletes and hockey players and their coaches. We don’t know.

The so-called gender identity of the perpetrator was a piece of the puzzle that he did not want to show to anyone. We know for a fact that hormones of the opposite sex change the structure of the brain, as well as radical changes in behavior in people after they have undergone transition. Testosterone increases aggression in men as well as in “trans men” who lack common sense, research can help. The Nashville shooter was actually the first biological female to kill at school. Some women do manage to kill a child – but they do it differently. Women do not machine-gun rations into children. Did hormones and related medications play a role? Can it be reliably disproved? Women who desire to live as if they were born men should ask the loudest.

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