The Football League has postponed matches, with only one remaining in today’s programme

The Football League has postponed matches, with only one remaining in today’s programme
The Football League has postponed matches, with only one remaining in today’s programme

Prague – The snow disaster in the Czech Republic caused the postponement of three more matches of the 17th round of the first football league today. Due to unsuitable terrain, the matches between Jablonec and Teplice, Mladá Boleslav and Karvina, and Bohemians 1905 and Liberec will not take place. The League Football Association (LFA), which manages professional competitions in the Czech Republic, informed about this in a press release.

Of the original five duels on today’s program, only the match between Olomouc and Slovácko with kick-off at 15:00 remained, as the match between České Budějovice and Hradec Králové was already postponed on Friday. On Sunday, matches between Pardubice and Sparta, Ostrava and Pilsen and Zlín and Slavia are planned. The replacement dates will be determined by the LFA in the coming days, Bohemians have already announced on their website that they will welcome Liberec on Wednesday, December 13.

The football league was hit by a wave of postponements due to bad weather, the likes of which the competition does not remember in years. According to the LFA, all domestic clubs tried to do their best to allow the matches to take place.

“According to the regulations, the heating systems have been running in all stadiums for several days and the employees of the home teams tried to do everything in their power to implement the matches. However, the extreme conditions of the last few days will not allow the matches to be played,” said the LFA.

“After checking the delegates, it was necessary to postpone the match. There is still a snow cover on the playing surfaces, which is still increasing, and at the same time the lawns are heavily waterlogged,” added the association.

Jablonečtí started heating the lawn already on Wednesday, November 22, because snow covered the stadium at Střelnica already last week before the home match with Pardubice. This time, however, the surges were significantly larger.

“The heating of the field has been in operation for a long time, but the biggest complication before the match with Teplice is the continuing snowfall. So the snow is slowly melting, but more and more is falling. It is not possible to drive onto the field with the equipment, because the upper layer is waterlogged,” said the Jablonecý spokesperson on the website Martin Bergman club.

Bohemians officials also did everything to ensure that the match with Liberec could take place despite the calamity. Workers have been removing snow from the lawn since early morning. “The playing area in Ďolíček was declared unfit despite the clearing of the snow,” said the Vršovice club, which shortly before the verdict posted photos of the current situation on the pitch on the X social network.

Flurries of snow did not escape the Mladá Boleslav stadium either. “A lot of snow fell during the night from Friday to today. As the snowfall is expected to continue throughout the day, the clearing equipment cannot enter the playing field without damaging it. The alternative date will be decided on Monday at the earliest,” Mladá Boleslav spokesman Jiří Koros told the club’s website .

The Central Bohemian club is scheduled to host the only postponed match of the league season against Pilsen on Wednesday. In the summer, due to participation in the final 4th preliminary round of the European Conference League, Viktoria used the opportunity not to play the August duel of the 6th round in Mladá Boleslav. Weather permitting, the teams will square off on Wednesday from 5:00 p.m.

The last time the Football League saw the postponement of a large part of the round program due to inclement weather was in the era before the advent of heated pitches. In March 2005, even six of the eight matches of the 18th round did not take place and were played only in stadiums that had heated pitches. Sparta then welcomed Blšany and Jablonec hosted Slovácko.

In February 2006, the start of the spring season was reduced by three duels. Due to the unfit condition of the playing surfaces, the matches Olomouc – Pilsen, Ostrava – Most and Blšany – Mladá Boleslav were postponed.

In recent years, due to bad weather and the poor condition of the terrain, a maximum of individual matches did not take place on the original date. Last season, the duel between Jablonec and Slovácko was postponed in March.

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