Actor legend Alain Delon (88): Cancer like Gott! He doesn’t want to live anymore


Things have been going downhill for the famous Black Tulip since 2019, when he suffered a stroke with bleeding in the brain. He recovered from that, but since then he has been weak and has no appetite for life. To make matters worse, in 2022 he was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma of the lungs, i.e. the same type of cancer that also became fatal for the Czech Slavík Karl Gott (†80).

“At his age, a treatment with a lot of side effects no longer makes sense,” the eldest son Anthony (59) let himself be heard. “It would only shorten his life and damage his kidneys,” the descendant explained why the father is only on maintenance, palliative treatment. Even so, he allegedly swallows 17 pills a day!

But he is obviously suffering like an animal. Already last year, the famous Frenchman sent a message to the world that he would like to undergo euthanasia in Switzerland. And now, as part of the court investigation, it has become clear that he suffers from permanent pain throughout his body, and is generally physically and mentally weakened. “Life is over. I want to die,” he told investigators.

According to the report, he can no longer even speak and is losing his discernment, so the court assigned him an assistant, which he himself reasonably requested. He should be at hand regarding the choice of medical care, or see that he does not transfer or sell his valuables or real estate.

Did he have a fourth child?

Delon he may have had a fourth child, the photographer Christian A. Boulogne (†60). However, he never acknowledged the paternity of the child of the German singer Christy Päff genova (†49) aka Nico, and the son also died last year.

Alain Delon greets his fans from the clinic in Switzerland

Alain Delon greets his fans from the clinic in Switzerland

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