Sparta vs. Dynamo. Hockey hegemons are fighting for the king in attendance


Pardubice and their hockey passion: with an average attendance of almost 9,400 spectators, Dynamo ranks at the top of the extra league. Performances on the ice and fan support prove that Hockeytown’s title is no exaggeration.

Pardubice fans also showed their strength during the recent trip to Sparta with the legendary Dynamo express.

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Hockeytown. Pardubice with this name is flooding social networks and billboards this season and they manage to show the club in the best light. Even though the departure of Václav Varadi left a bitter aftertaste, Marek Zadina was able to make his colleagues and players forget about this “affair” with great performances. The fact that Pardubice is the city of hockey is also indicated by the fact that, with the exception of Sparta, which is based in Prague, they have the largest number of visitors in the country.

Václav Varaďa

As a player, I can’t imagine it, says Vlasák about the alleged rebellion against Varaď

But let’s show the numbers. On average, 9,399 people attend Dynamo at home this season, which is 352 more than last year. For comparison, we can also include data from the seasons before covid, when “only” around seven and a half thousand fans attended Dynamo on average.

Average home attendance: Tipsport extraliga 2023/2024

1. Sparta Prague (11290)
2. Pardubice (9399)
3. Comet Brno (6806)
4. Ceske Budejovice (6109)

So improved performance, luscious marketing and big names in the line-up brought improved numbers. The result of these great numbers is the huge plan of Petr Dědek, which has already had an approved change in the territorial plan and almost nothing prevents the construction of a new multifunctional arena.

The loyalty of the Pardubice fans can also be proven by the attendance at the last match. Plzeň came to Pardubice, which is definitely not the biggest attraction for spectators, the home team was missing Martin Kaut or Lukáš Sedlák and the match took place on Tuesday. Despite all these obstacles, more than eight thousand people came to the match between Dynamo and the Indians.

Source: HC Dynamo Pardubice

Admirers doubt the naming of Hockeytown, as evidenced by some posts on social networks with banners from Sparta Prague.

Despite the jokes, Pardubice really proves to the whole Czech Republic with its attendance that it is the Hockeytown it calls itself and that Dynamo fans love it. It’s just a question of what the attendance will be when the new hall arrives. Maybe the viewers in the east of Bohemia will trump even those in Prague…


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