Cut pensions, take away the right to vote, take away their driver’s licenses and let them wait for death

Cut pensions, take away the right to vote, take away their driver’s licenses and let them wait for death
Cut pensions, take away the right to vote, take away their driver’s licenses and let them wait for death

I am already among the pensioners. I’ve been going to work all my life. I used to pay my pension and health insurance premiums. And of course I paid taxes. Taxes that allowed young people to study for free. Apparently wrong when they suggest today that pensioners should have separate checkouts in supermarkets. And that’s just a small taste of what we could expect. I am more sorry that educated and apparently respected lawyers have come to the conclusion that the payment of pensions is national economic damage.

It would be laughable how far judges can go in trying to bend the law if they are not deciding the fate of millions of people. I am still at the age when I can earn some extra crowns for my retirement and there are two of us in the household. But there are many old people who cannot work. They live alone because their partner has already left them. They only have one pension and the household expenses are the same as when there were two. At today’s costs, they have to start with a smaller amount than the average pension. Three quarters of pensioners do not reach the average pension, about 20,000 crowns per month. So how much will they have left to live on after paying all the regular direct debit payments?

And that brings me to the title of my article. These pensioners are not entitled to anything but to wait for death. At least that’s what it seems when I listen to debates about pensions and pensioners. Politicians and leading experts explain to us that the current pension system is unsustainable. Sometimes I hear there that the right to vote should be taken away from the elderly, they don’t understand anything anymore. A little more often I hear and read that seniors should have their driving licenses taken away because they only cause trouble on the roads.

I feel that statistically young, inexperienced drivers cause the most accidents on the roads. But they will still learn to drive, while the seniors only hinder them with their careful and therefore often slow driving. Young people are not very interested in the fact that this is often the only way they can shop or go to the doctor. They have their own pace and don’t intend to adapt to people who already have slow reactions and, above all, reason, that’s why they don’t go anywhere. I don’t know if there is still a poem in school textbooks about a son who makes a trough for his father. His hand is shaking and he breaks all the dishes. And he only stops when his child tells him: …when your hand is shaking, your son will make a trough for you… For those who don’t know what I’m writing about, know that even today’s young people will be old one day and will need to drive on the road.

And now to the pension system. I very often see how politicians show us tables of how many employees contribute to one pensioner and how many there will be in 2050. They get by with two employees. It really looks hopeless.

When Otto von Bismarck introduced the pension system at the end of the previous century, the average family had ten to twelve children. Today we have a lot of young single people. Young women prefer to get a dog or a cat instead of a child, so that they have a soul mate, but few worries. Young men do not start families because they prefer freedom over responsibility. This is today’s lifestyle. Therefore, in 2050, two employees will support one pensioner.

What is not being talked about? And I still don’t understand why? After all, we are already introducing robots into production nowadays. We encounter artificial intelligence more and more often in our daily lives. And progress will continue to move forward at a breakneck pace. Just remember what level mobile phones were at the turn of the century and what they can do today? When I was in college, the output of the latest computing technology was a punch card that hid some information. And what is the state of computing today? So what will the level of robotization and automation be in 2050?

Today, robots will take over heavy or monotonous monotonous work in more and more industries. Artificial intelligence chats with me on the Internet quite normally. So what will work look like in twenty to thirty years?

Fortunately, here we have the verdict of the Constitutional Court, which assured us that the government sees very far into the future. The government cannot know what will happen in three months, but it knows what will happen in twenty to thirty years. So, our current government politicians must know how enormously labor productivity will increase. After all, the machines work seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. They don’t want holidays, they don’t negotiate for raises, they don’t get severance pay when they screw up and the employer fires them (or throws them in the scrapyard).

On the expenditure side of the state budget, savings will be made by replacing the army of officials with artificial intelligence. They are always in a good mood, they behave correctly, they listen to the applicant without emotion and they don’t let the naysayers present everywhere. They don’t surf the internet at work and just work and work. Much more accurately and responsibly than humans will. What does this mean for us? People won’t be at work, but they will be money. It will grow GDP and governments will hand out ever larger bundles of money.

It is therefore obvious that there will be pensions, but certainly not from employee contributions. But that is a matter for politicians, how they will divide the larger pile that the machines will create for them.

And now, what bothers me the most. Why the current political and professional elite sow the seeds of discord between generations. It must be clear to every true expert where the development is headed. So why do we keep hearing that young people will not have pensions because the current pensioners will eat them!!!!

Only those who have worked a certain number of years and deposited money into a pension account are entitled to a pension. Each pensioner therefore spent most of his life working and supporting his pensioners. It didn’t even occur to us to ask if the pensioners were taking too much. It should be coded into us to take care of our old ladies and grandmothers, as it has been since the beginning of mankind. The family, clan, group, troop, tribe took care of their elders. What’s more, the young listened to them. It is no coincidence that each tribe had a Council of Elders.

If I put it very badly, then if the young people don’t want to take care of me now, then give us back our money that we put into the system and add the taxes for which today’s young people graduated for free. I think it will last me the rest of my life. I also studied for free, but I never asked why we have pensioners.

So the future could be rosy if we don’t mess it up ourselves. I don’t like it at all that politicians allow the possibility of NATO war with Russia. Some are even talking about nuclear war. I have already heard speculation about the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Don’t those people realize that thousands of human beings will be vaporized under one thermonuclear warhead explosion? Don’t they realize that a nuclear war is unwinnable? But I sharpened it somewhat differently. I wanted to write my perspective on intergenerational relationships that I don’t like.

I wrote about the future, but I must also mention the present. Just briefly, because we read and hear about it all the time. Me only from the point of view of a pensioner. The government decided to save. I don’t remember a time when governments said we don’t need to save. Not only after 1989, but even Gustáv Husák in his lengthy speeches urged us to investigate. It’s just saving what I am in the world and it was certainly like that before us. The question is how?

At a glance, we can see that our government is skimping on people. Pensioners, we’ve already talked about them. Employees and entrepreneurs. All levies will increase. Employers will also contribute a larger amount to the state budget than before. Maybe I forgot someone, but it is certain that where the money is, the government is afraid to touch. Here I mean banks, retail chains, energy companies and the arms industry.

On the expenditure side, subsidies are being reduced. Quite often where citizens pay the difference again, such as in the heating industry.

Politicians, regardless of party affiliation, after 1989 led us to a situation where we have lower salaries and also pensions than people in neighboring countries. Mainly Germany and Austria. Against them, we have roughly a third of our income. I don’t envy them and I am convinced that they still have higher work productivity than us and also know how to organize a lot of things better. I just don’t understand how they buy goods at the same or even lower prices than we have here, and their products are even better. This does not really reflect the good work of our politicians.

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