A brave mother (50) takes care of disabled triplets (22): I don’t know what it is to live normally…


They are already 22 years old, they should be adults, study, work and chase girls. Instead, they spend their days in a recliner, and their mother, Alena Kosmáková (50), takes care of them all their lives as if they were eternal babies. “Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to live normally,” think about it. But she knows there is no answer for her.

The first days

After a premature birth at 28 weeks of pregnancy, doctors told the parents: “We’ll see in the first seven days if everyone can make it.” Then the next 28 days were decisive. While still in the maternity hospital, the boys underwent eye surgery because the oxygen in the incubator caused the retinas in their eyes to detach. “Unfortunately, Davč’s eyes were destroyed by the operation and he lost his sight,” the mother tells the beginning of a long journey full of endless toil, pain and love.

Her boys are struggling with cerebral palsy, all four limbs are affected by severe convulsions, they suffer from epilepsy and seizures, and Vojta also suffered from bone cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. David is fed through a tube and Olda has a reversed daily routine, so sometimes she doesn’t sleep at all at night.

Olda, Vojta and David know how to have fun.

Dad ran away

“Life with boys is very demanding. Only thanks to the help of family, friends and assistants can they still live at home. One person could not physically handle continuous care. Care is gradually more demanding, due to the progression of their disability and stiffness of the body,” explains the mother, who in addition to the boys also has an adult daughter. She also helps a lot with her brothers, but she also recently became a mother herself. The triplets’ father left about a year and a half after their birth… More and more problems are added. It was impossible to find a doctor who would take care of all three. Each of the boys was given a different clerk when dealing with pensions and custody, so their mom dealt with all matters on three different dates. “How many times do you feel like your children have a contagious disease because people treat them differently, more like things than people. It’s very mentally demanding to put up with it and move on,” Mrs. Alena admits.

They are connected

But she also experiences a lot of nice moments with her three sons and knows that, as triplets, they are really connected on the inside. “They’ve been together all their lives, if we put them to bed for a while to lie next to each other, they quiet down, they enjoy it,” smiles Alena. “I think Vojta watches over everyone. For example, Davča coughs and Vojta immediately reports it. Olda throws the toy on the ground and Vojta immediately reports it. One starts laughing at something and another joins in. When someone had an epileptic fit, she called the emergency services, the two were sitting or lying down, we didn’t even know about them,” describes the mother.

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