An American woman took her own life years ago, today she motivates others on her way



Author: Miroslav Obluk

Celebrating the day that should have been the last.PHOTO: Maddy Forberg

She was struggling. Her own head was destroying her. She whispered a lot of words to her, which in the end almost cost the young lady her life. Maddy Forberg reached the very edge nine years ago. Things made no sense to her, life had no value. Psychological problems, health problems, and low self-confidence were to blame. Maddy decides that the only answer to these questions is suicide. She tried for her. And she survived. She got a second chance. She grabbed it with both hands and her life turned upside down.

The young lady was going through what many teenage girls are going through. Uncertainty, dislike of one’s own body, aversion to the world. “I hated my body, the skinny legs, the flat bottom. I hated my life,” Maddy admitted years later.

She was the target of ridicule because of her appearance. Personal, family and health problems subsequently crept into this situation. The young American woman was going through severe depression, and the escape from it was supposed to be a trip to the other shore. Last way.

However, her story is not over. Maddy got a second chance. She realized that life is a gift, not a curse. She started going to therapy, felt initial changes. However, she experienced the greatest joy when she discovered the gym, dumbbells, and exercises. Maddy began lifting heavy weights, and eventually her confidence began to rise.

That’s when life changed. The point where everything turned around. “I felt that it had a huge effect on my mental health. In addition, my body also got stronger. I started to feel more confident,” she admitted on Instagram. Subsequently, she decided to start passing on her positive experience to others.

She exercised regularly, gained strength. Skinny legs and arms disappeared, replaced by pumped muscles, confidence and calmness.

Maddy was describing her psychic relationship. She wasn’t afraid to talk about the past. On the contrary. She told her fans that their feelings mattered. She showed them how to transform dark thoughts into positive ones. She showed them exercises that helped her gain weight, muscles, and self-confidence.

She founded her own fitness program and became a nutritionist. “Everything got better when I started training, I fell in love with my muscles,” the 25-year-old amazon admitted.

When she was depressed, medication didn’t help her, but when she discovered her passion, her life changed. “That’s why search, do something you enjoy. Go for a walk every day, run, do something for your health. Sometimes even a small change can work wonders,” motivates the American fans, who now celebrates the day of her suicide as her rebirth.

“There can be no rebirth without death,” says the lovely Maddy.


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