Nominations for the 2023 Royal Philharmonic Society Awards


On March 5, 2024, the prestigious British Music Awards, which are awarded annually by the Royal Philharmonic Society (Royal Philharmonic Society), will be presented. For last year 2023, for example, the nearly canceled BBC Singers or the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, who died last year, are nominated.

For his contribution to classical music in Great Britain he presents Royal Philharmonic Society (Royal Philharmonic Society) since 1989 awards whose presentation marked Sunday Times for “the UK’s biggest night of classical music”. For last year 2023, they will be handed over this year March 5, 2024for the first time in history outside of London – on the grounds of the conservatory Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, North England.

Among the nominees this year are, for example, a Scottish tenor Nicky Spencea pianist Pavel Kolesnikov or a French conductor François-Xavier Rothwho all successfully performed at Britain’s biggest classical music festival last year BBC Proms 2023. The nominations aim to represent the British music scene in its entirety, so we can find among them a number of artists and ensembles from Scotland or northern England, for example the ensemble Glasgow Madrigals or Sheffield Philharmonic Choir.

  • Kaija Saariaho (©Raphael Gaillarde)

Finnish composer Kai Saaria’swho died last June, is for her opera Innocence (Innocence) nominated in memoriam both in the opera category and also for the award for the best original full-length composition. As part of supporting minorities and the diversity of the British music scene, for example, a work is nominated for best chamber composition History needs… composer Ben Lunnwhich is intended for a left-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthyor – in the ensemble category – an ethnically diverse young ensemble Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective.

In the same category are also nominated BBC Singers – a professional choir that was founded in 1924 and celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. However, it was almost canceled last year as part of planned savings on the BBC files, against which a great wave of opposition from the music public rose. The full list of nominations can be found on the UK’s Royal Philharmonic Society website.

  • BBC Singers (©Mark Allan)

Opening photo: Glasgow Madrigirls (©Eoin Carey)

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