The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start later, the head of Cermat will not resign

The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start later, the head of Cermat will not resign
The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start later, the head of Cermat will not resign

Prague – The launch of the electronic system for secondary school applications is delayed. Originally, it was supposed to start working after midnight today, but due to problems with uploading attachments, it should not open until Friday evening at the earliest. The director of the organization responsible for the preparation of the Cermat admissions procedure, Miroslav Krejčí, does not intend to resign. Even the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN) does not want to make personnel changes yet. According to him, the priority is to solve the problem. Applications for secondary schools can still be submitted until February 20. The minister will decide on a possible extension of the deadline next week.

During the last tests on Wednesday evening, Cermat representatives discovered an error in the system. They repaired it overnight, but it still needs to be tested and checked for safety. According to the minister, it is better that the error was discovered before the system was launched for the public and that no data of study applicants was compromised.

Applications can still be submitted in paper form. However, the Ministry of Education, school representatives and Cermat advised parents to remain calm and wait for the launch of electronic applications. According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), problems with starting the system should not affect the course of the admission procedure. He added that the matter is within the competence of the Ministry of Education and, according to his information, the system should be launched as soon as possible after the guarantees have been verified.

Bek wants to decide on a possible extension of the application deadline depending on how the situation develops. “We will deal with it on Monday when we know how long the delay really was,” he said. The deadline would generally be extended for all types of applications, according to the minister, it would be a matter of days. He does not think that the problem would be so big that it would threaten the system as a whole and the digitization of the admission procedure itself. The opposition movement ANO called on the government to extend the deadline by at least one week.

Krejci said he is not considering resigning because of the problems. “The launch of the system is only the beginning, it is not the end of the journey. And if I were to resign and give up my position at the first problem on the first day after launch, then I would understand it as my weakness and running away from the fight. If I am not recalled, I will not resign at this moment, ” he told reporters. Bek emphasized that it is necessary to first solve the problem and analyze its causes. “Only then will we consider the personnel consequences,” the minister added.

Member of Parliament Pavel Klíma (TOP 09), who is in charge of the education committee of the House of Representatives, believes that Bek is responsible for the problems. “The minister said he would see to it,” he said. Klíma wants to discuss the matter next Wednesday at the committee meeting, where Bek and Krejčí were previously invited. However, it is possible that the committee will act at a later date.

“Minister Bek vouched for Zermat several times and claimed that he takes all responsibility. Does this mean that he will resign now?” said school committee member Jana Berkovcová (ANO). According to her, Cermat is proving to be a useless organization that should be abolished. According to SPD deputy Zdenek Kettner, it turns out that the headless and hasty digitization of everything is not a step in the right direction.

The electronic application submission system is linked to basic registers. Due to the expected rush of users, the Digital and Information Agency (DIA) has therefore strengthened the Citizen Identity system by 45 percent, through which people will log into the system. The agency took the measure due to recent problems logging into the new eDoklady application.

Digital and Information Agency (DIA) at stated that the reason for the delay was not in its systems. The agency only ensures the process of logging into the system. “We are monitoring the situation with Zermatt and the Ministry of Education and are ready to help if needed,” said the DIA.

In addition to the electronic method, it will be possible to submit applications to secondary schools in paper form with the support of the electronic system, or to remain in paper form as in previous years. Pupils will now be able to submit three applications instead of two, and use them to determine which school they want to attend the most. Applicants will be admitted to the fields based on the results of the unified entrance exam and their priorities. The new system is supposed to simplify the entire process of admission to secondary schools and reduce the chaos that accompanied it in previous years.

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