A woman and her son saved a drowning fisherman. They received medals of honor for their actions today


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Author: PČR

1/2/2024 1:39 p.m

TÁBOR – Petra Kohoutová and her sixteen-year-old son Daniel were awarded a medal for saving the life of a drowning man by Jiří Štecher, director of the Tábor police, on Thursday, February 1. A fisherman fell into the river near Senožat in the autumn due to sudden health problems, and the couple jumped into the river for him.

Author: PČR

It was Saturday, October 14. Petra Kohoutová from Tábor and her family decided to use a pleasant autumn day for recreational rock climbing by the Lužnice river near Senožat. A fisherman who was fishing on the other bank also chose the location on the same day. The weekend idyll ended when the man got sick, fell into the water and started fighting for his life.

“Petra Kohoutová and her sixteen-year-old son Daniel reacted promptly and jumped into the water. Although the current was quite strong and the river level was high, they swam to the other side. Mrs. Kohutová then dived and caught the drowning man. Together with his son, they pulled him ashore. Meanwhile, her husband and daughter called 911. With their courageous act, the men clearly saved a life,” described Tábor police spokeswoman Lenka Pokorná.

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