During the presentation, Ewa Farna, spouses Dyko or Mirai tied the knot – eXtra.cz

During the presentation, Ewa Farna, spouses Dyko or Mirai tied the knot – eXtra.cz
During the presentation, Ewa Farna, spouses Dyko or Mirai tied the knot – eXtra.cz

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Europe 2

Ewa Farna, Mirai, rapper Calin. They all gathered at the special afternoon broadcast of Europe 2 to announce the results of the Music Awards for 2023. According to the press release of Europe 2, the musicians received the awards from the hands of non-traditional guests such as the Dyk family or ice hockey player Milan Hnilička.

Europe 2 in a special afternoon broadcast announced live the results of the Music Awards for 2023, and for the twelfth time. The winners received crystal trophies symbolizing a musical chamber tuning fork from the hands of unconventional guests. Singer Ewa Farna and rapper Calin took home two places, i.e. the highest number. A total of 16 categories were announced. The event was reported by Evropa 2 in a press release available to the eXtra.cz editors.

The gala announcement of the European Music Awards 2 took place directly on the radio airwaves as part of a special afternoon broadcast. The audience was accompanied by the pair of popular presenters Zorka Hejdová and Tomáš Zástěra during the ceremony. Ondra Urban and Petr Říbal then live-stream on the social networks of Europe 2. Prizes were presented to the laureates by other popular radio presenters, as well as well-known personalities, among them, for example, Vojtěch Dyk, Honza Dědek, Michal Hrůza, Michal Holan, Rudy Linka or hockey player Milan Hnilička.

The most successful were Ewa Farna and Calin

The results of the survey, consisting of a total of 16 categories, were primarily decided by radio listeners and music fans. At all the most successful performers were Ewa Farna, who won in the categories of best Czech female singer and most popular Czech music video, and Calin, who won in the categories of Czech rap and domestic album. Two places were also won by the popular band Måneskin, which received the title of best foreign band and best foreign song.

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The popular presenter duo Leoš Mareš and Patrik Hezucký were also present. You can view pictures from the award ceremony in the photo gallery.

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