Czechs who have a bank account are at risk of losing CZK 19,357


At Událostech247 we reported, for example, that fraudulent SMS messages, also known as “smishing”, are appearing more and more frequently in the Czech Republic. In this way, the fraudsters tried to trick the clients of the General Health Insurance Company or the Czech Post Office. However, people can encounter this form of fraud in other situations as well.

Never share your sensitive information with anyone over the phone

The aim of these SMS messages is to lure people with their bank details, passwords or other sensitive information. Then the fraudsters only need a moment to steal the bank account of their victims. So if you ever such an inconspicuous message will come, definitely do not open it and never click on the links contained in these suspicious SMS messages. ČSOB bank also recently recorded really credible frauds.

As we pointed out at Events247, these scammers use a combination of a voice machine, a fake SMS, and even an impersonated security expert. The client of the bank then after performing all the dictated actions, a fake website will be reached. When he enters his credentials, he finds himself at zero. Clients of Česká spořitelna have also become targets of fraudsters. “They called me as if from my bank saying that my account was hacked and I should transfer money and tell them my passwords and balance. Of course I didn’t,” Mrs. Nikola from Kounice described her experience.

The number of Internet attacks is increasing

The intensity of attempts to obtain passwords to bank accounts and payment cards, or even to convince people to send money to fraudsters themselves, is increasing. Last year, banks counted a total of 69,685 online attacks on clients. As the Money website writes, the fraudster is with them was able to log into internet or mobile banking and misused a payment card or extorted payment. According to the Czech Banking Association, their number has tripled year-on-year.

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Fraudsters mainly target the elderly

Fraudsters in cyberspace defrauded banks and their customers of 1.35 billion crowns in 2023. Average last year, the damage per injured client reached 19,357 crowns. It therefore decreased during the year – in the first half of the year it was approximately 22 thousand. In the second, 19 thousand crowns. The largest recorded loss incurred by a bank client during the time that the Czech Banking Association has been monitoring cyber fraud was 15 million crowns.

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