Teplice hockey players help | Live in Teplice

Teplice hockey players help | Live in Teplice
Teplice hockey players help | Live in Teplice
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HC Teplice will help the family of the late Litoměřice youth coach Václav Rubeš. Proceeds from the December birthday game of Huskies head coach Martin Cimrman were sent to a public collection account on the Donio.cz portal.

Václav Rubeš was a long-time youth coach of the club HC Stadion Litoměřice. He died last December at the age of 49. The aforementioned collection serves to help a family that, in addition to a loving father and husband, also lost a significant part of their regular monthly income.

Rubeš played ice hockey from a young age and literally grew up in the Litoměřice winter. Practically his whole life was connected with hockey. After the end of his hockey career, he began to actively participate in the preparation and training of small hockey players. He devoted himself to this activity with love until the end of his active life, which ended precisely on the hockey bench. He set an example for the children and taught them not only hockey, but in general the love of sports and movement. He was a role model for many.

He was an avid athlete all his life, he loved to run. He often helped others with various charity runs and contributed to a good cause. He loved his family, to whom he devoted practically all his free time. Not so long ago, a major health obstacle entered his life and Vašek became ill with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Thanks to his determination, strong will and the support of his loved ones, he managed the demanding chemotherapy and returned to an active life. He left behind two children, son Václav (22), daughter Amálka (12) and wife Libuša (46).

HC Teplice Rubeš’s departure also affected. Huskies coaches enjoyed meeting him at back-to-back games. The Teplice club therefore decided to donate the proceeds from the birthday match to the account of a public fundraiser, which takes place through the Donio.cz portal.

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