The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start today, said the director of Cermat

The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start today, said the director of Cermat
The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start today, said the director of Cermat

Prague – The electronic registration system for secondary schools will start today, probably in the evening. Cermat director Miroslav Krejčí told ČTK. He did not want to reveal the exact time of launch. But it will probably be after the evening news, he said. The system was originally supposed to open on Thursday, February 1, but the Cermat organization postponed the launch of the system due to problems with uploading attachments and subsequent security verification. The Minister of Education, representatives of Zermatt and school associations advised parents to keep calm and wait.

“What we promised yesterday is true, it should be launched today,” Krejčí said. “Probably sometime during the evening it will be announced that it is launched, but not before the main news,” he added. According to Krejčí, an announcement in the main news that the system is up and running could cause an overload of the National Identity System (NIA). He assumes that today people will log into the system more out of curiosity, but will not immediately submit applications.

“I don’t foresee the DiPSy system as such being overloaded to the point that it will stop working. The unknown that everyone is afraid of is what will happen to the burden on the NIA and the login through the NIA,” he said. The Digital and Information Agency (DIA) therefore due to the expected rush of users, it strengthened the Citizen Identity system by 45 percent, through which people will report. The measure was taken by the agency due to recent problems when logging into the new eDoklady application. Krejčí reminded that Cermat cannot influence the login through NIA, because it is outside its system.

The login system was tested today for security. “No other problem was discovered,” Krejčí said. He said he did not yet have a detailed report. Cermat’s tests are being done by an external company, which he did not want to say.

DiPSy should start today only for applicants and legal representatives. “Directors will receive access to submit paper applications only within the next week,” Cermat spokeswoman Jana Patáková told ČTK today. Krejčí also confirmed the information.

Applicants, or their legal representatives, can submit applications until February 20. The Ministry of Education should decide on a possible extension of the deadline next week. According to the earlier statement of the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN), whether and for how long the submission of applications will be extended depends on how much the opening of the system is delayed.

“For Cermat, I would prefer it not to be extended, because realistically we have room to extend the production schedule by about two to three days,” Krejčí said. According to him, the reserve was intended in case the system is attacked by a large DDoS attack .In a DDoS attack, computers controlled by hackers overwhelm the attacked server with a large number of queries, thereby knocking it out of service.

Applicants have the opportunity to submit their applications until February 20, when registration for secondary schools should end, modify the application, or submit a new one, said Krejčí. The old application will be invalidated in the system. “It will exist in the system, the principals will see that it exists, but that it is invalid,” he said. If parents were to submit a correction application, they must write all three schools on it, they cannot, for example, just add a school or field. “They must all be on one application “, Krejčí said.

In addition to the electronic method, applications will also be submitted in a so-called hybrid form, i.e. a combination of printed applications with the support of an electronic system, or, as in previous years, in paper form. The new system is supposed to simplify the process of admission to secondary schools and reduce the chaos that accompanied it in previous years. Compared to previous years, administration with registration slips and appeals, among other things, will be eliminated.

According to the ministry, this year, up to 106,000 ninth-grade elementary school students and tens of thousands of other applicants should apply to secondary schools, for example those interested in multi-year grammar schools, secondary school students who want to change majors, or adult applicants who apply for distance or evening studies. Krejci previously told CTK that roughly 120,000 applicants are expected.

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