12:00 – Europe grows thanks to inflation and corporate results, BCPP remains in the positive thanks to banks, which enjoy the excellent results of Moneta, the euro is stronger, oil is holding on after falling to USD 79, gold rises

In the course of the morning, the European stock markets are growing quite strongly due to the reaction to the decision of the central banks and the new arrival of corporate results. The automotive sector performed best with an index growth of approximately 1.4%. The oil and gas sector is on the other side with a decrease of 1.1%.

The Bank of England has left rates unchanged, saying their further development is “under review”. The vote of the central banks was rather surprising in the ratio of 6 to 3 in favor of stagnation.

In the middle of the week, the US Fed tried to ease the market’s expectations of a possible rate cut at a new meeting.

Public data on the development of inflation in the euro area showed that there was moderate inflationary pressure at the beginning of the new year.

As a result, today I represent companies such as Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Adidas, Volvo or CaixaBank.

The euro slightly strengthens the dollar in the morning.

In the morning, the koruna is weaker against the euro and weaker against the dollar.


In the morning, oil is holding close to the public animal at USD 79 per barrel of Brent.

Gold is hovering around $2,055 per ounce. Last year was a record for gold metal in terms of the total volume of transactions, which reached 4,899 tons.


BCPP in the morning only slightly in the plus, when I will take the bank titles against the correction on the EZ.

Bankm is witnessing the results of Moneta, which in many respects beat market estimates, including the proposed dividend. The title has crossed the 100K mark.

Prague Stock Exchange

Online 12:06:40

Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
COLT(CZG) 573.00 -0.87% 1.90 million 578.00
EZ 871.50 -0.63% 55.34 million 877.00
ERSTE 998.50 0.45% 11.04 million 994.00
GEN(NORTON) 554.00 1.28% 0.01 million 547.00
KB 753.50 0.20% 28.50 million 752.00
KOFOLA 275.00 0.00% 0.25 million 275.00
COIN 101.40 1.20% 25.97 million 100.20
PHOTON 51.50 0.19% 0.51 million 51.40
PILL 250.00 -0.79% 0.33 million 252.00
P.M 16080.00 0.12% 1.49 million 16060.00
PRIMOCO 1140.00 0.00% 6.28 million 1140.00
VIG 651.00 -1.81% 0.00 mil. 663.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 131.61 million

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He considers the age to be the result of experience and ability compared to the time before the last major crisis in 2008-9.

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