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There were two subsequent traffic accidents on the road between Stříbr and Ostrov u Stříbr

Today before six o’clock in the morning, two subsequent traffic accidents occurred on road 230 between Stříbr and Ostrov u Stříbr.

During the first accident, the passenger car flipped onto its roof and there were injuries, so all the emergency services went to the scene.

Firefighters secured the area, carried out fire prevention measures and provided pre-medical care to the injured person before paramedics could take over.

During the intervention, however, another traffic accident occurred on the spot, when one of the drivers stopped in front of the scene of the first accident and another driver behind him crashed into his car. Fortunately, according to initial information, only minor injuries occurred in this accident.

“The man from the lead that ended up on the roof, born in 1976, was treated and left in place with other difficulties without the need for transport to a wards.
The driver, born in 1993, whose car was hit by another vehicle from behind, suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital in Stod.
The third female driver, born in 1969, who apparently failed to brake on the slippery road, also suffered minor belt injuries and was transported to the same hospital.”
added the information of the spokesperson of the rescuers.

The police are investigating the circumstances of both accidents at the scene, so far it is only possible to state that all drivers had breath tests for alcohol with negative results.

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