The Ring 10: 11 battles await us today in Brno!

The Ring 10 co-event between Patron Boxing and Fusion Fight League kicks off tonight. Everything will culminate in a super welterweight title battle between champion Patrik Baláž and challenger Milan Ganoška!

There was a great atmosphere yesterday shortly after 5 p.m. in the Olympia shopping center in Brno. Fans already arrived at Thursday’s weigh-in in large numbers, giving the impression that Boby Centrum will be well-trodden on Friday evening. The last tickets are still on sale, but they are units of pieces.

Hard to wonder. Two fights under K-1 rules. Two matches for the rules of Thai boxing, including the main preliminary match Jan Juříček vs. Bernard Plavec. Nine minutes of cleavers guaranteed. And around that, nine fights in classic boxing.

And here, too, there will be plenty to wonder about. The main card, which starts at 19:00, will be opened by the undefeated local Mirko Prokeš (2-0, 1 KO) and the Pilsen warrior Mike Juřík (7-9, 6 KO). Fourteen of his sixteen duels have ended before the limit and this four-round affair promises some serious action.

Just like other matches, the Georgian trefoil will gradually check the readiness of Jan Polák, Tomáš Němeček and Milan Procházka, who was accompanied by his daughter to the weigh-in. Prague’s Spejbl Gym will not be missing either, although this time not because of Pep Stráník, who had to be replaced by teammate Zdeněk Marel for the expected duel with Patrik Fiala.

Milan Procházka

“I helped Pep in the preparation. We train together two or three times a week, we pair up. At Spejbl, we all prepare together, as one team. I’m ready for Fiala,” declares the unbeaten 22-year-old talent among the pros, who has a chance for a rematch after the last draw with Jirka Korda.

Aleš Makovec is also in a similar role, although he found out about the duel with Tomáš Bezvoda a little earlier. But he also fulfills the role of substitute, this time for Marian Džupka. And he also believes that he can surprise. Especially when he has an elite Czech boxer and also trainer Pavel Polakovič behind him. He will be very busy. Actually more than if he stood alone in the ring.

For the first time, as a coach, he sat with the supervisor of the evening – Lukáš Konečný – after weighing and a medical examination at one “negotiation” table. The table where both boxers – Patrik Baláž and Milan Ganoška – and coaches – together with Polakovič and Miloš Kuběna – were listening to the instructions for the title battle.

Patrik Baláž vs Milan Ganoška

These are traditional – taping must be supervised by one of the referees, opponents and representatives of the other team can spy and check. If the match ends due to no-fault injury to one (or both) boxers before the start of the match, the verdict will be “No Contest”, otherwise points will be added. An injury that does not allow the continuation of the duel after the blow is, of course, a win by technical KO. And an unintentional blow below the belt, which the hit boxer will not be able to “walk away” within five minutes, means his loss, not the opponent’s disqualification.

But let’s firmly believe that none of these scenarios will happen. And we will see a great ten-round battle with a points result, or possibly the first title knockout on Czech territory in 2024. If you don’t have a ticket or can’t buy one, there is an option to watch The Ring gala evening also via stream. Its price alone is already 269 crowns as of Thursday midnight.

The Ring 10

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