Grandson of the famous grandpa Vimmer: It’s great to have someone who’s been through it all and can give advice


Among the large number of Kladno hockey players, twenty-year-old Štěpán Vimmer recently got his chance. He gets space in the fourth line, where he tries to make the game uncomfortable for the opponents. According to the judges, he even scored the first point in Vítkovice. But he himself was very surprised. “That’s some mistake. They will definitely correct this later,” Vimmer shook his head. “Hopefully it will come soon,” he adds with a smile.

Štěpán Vimmer in the Kladno jersey during the summer training.

| Photo: Roman Mareš

How can you evaluate the loss in Vítkovice?
We let it slip away in the first period. We had chances, but we didn’t score the goals we should have scored. Before the second period, we told ourselves that we would start as a completely different team. I think we did it, but there were more unconverted chances.

How did Ticháček’s goal help you not even two minutes before the first siren?
He was great. We thought we would build on that and try to turn the game around. But not converting chances buried us.

So did not converting the chances decide the result?
That’s right. We kept believing that we could turn it around, but we didn’t.

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What is the entrance to the Kladno A class for you?
It’s super. I am very happy that I could move to the team. I do everything to perform as well as possible and the coaches are happy with me.

Given the position in the table, it’s a baptism of fire, isn’t it?
It is so. It’s a great experience. We have to keep fighting and believing.

Junior girls also know a similar situation…
On the one hand, it is a similar situation, on the other hand, it is completely different. You can’t fall in the junior competition this year. In A, it is much more important for the whole club.

Has anything surprised you in adult hockey?
It’s different in almost everything, but I don’t want to say that anything directly surprised me, because I knew what to expect from it. The hardest part is finding yourself with those players. Everyone knows where to stand, what to play.

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Your surname evokes a kinship with the great shooter Josef Vimmer. It is so?
Dęda is a legend of Kladno hockey. We call or see each other every day. He keeps trying to advise me on a lot of things. I’m glad that I have someone close to me who has been through all of this as a player and coach.

Do you get a lot of advice?
They advise. (Laughs) But he advises me about today, not his. She’s already gone. He tells me a lot of stories. Whenever he throws something in, I’m happy for it.

Does it also support you directly on the spot?
He often went to junior high school. But with A, we always played outside. When he can, he will come. And hopefully I will make him happy on that point as well. I would like that.

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