Biden and his wife Jill joined the grieving families of fallen soldiers. Then he ordered return fire


Washington attributes Sunday’s attack to militants sponsored by Iran, details of Tehran’s response were not immediately available. On Friday evening, US forces launched strikes against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and allied militias in Iraq and Syria, over 85 targets were hit, the US military said. In eastern Syria, at least 13 pro-Iranian fighters were killed, the Syrian Organization for Human Rights reported on the X network. According to it, the US Air Force targeted military facilities near the cities of Mayadin – where the Iranian militia has its headquarters – and Deir ez-Zour near the Iraqi border.

Baghdad called the US strikes in Iraq a violation of its sovereignty, AFP quotes the government. The US informed Baghdad of planned attacks on pro-Iranian targets in advance, the White House said. According to him, three targets were hit in Iraq, four in Syria.

“This afternoon, at my direction, US forces struck targets and facilities in Iraq and Syria, which the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and allied militias use to attack US troops. Our answer has begun. It will continue at times and places of our choosing,” Biden said. But according to him, the United States is not seeking a conflict in the Middle East.

“U.S. Central Command forces conducted airstrikes against Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and allied militias in Iraq and Syria,” informs Central Command at X. “U.S. military forces struck more than 85 targets, with numerous aircraft, including long-range bombers, taking off from the United States. More than 125 pieces of precision ammunition were used in the raids. The affected facilities include command and control operations posts, intelligence posts, missile, missile and drone storage facilities, and facilities from the logistics and ammunition chains of the militant groups and their IRGC sponsors, who enabled attacks against US and coalition forces.” According to CNN sources, the attacks included .the B-1 Lancer strategic bombers. They have a combat range of over 5,500 km, but can refuel in flight along the way.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin already said on Thursday that the US response will be multi-level. “We are able to respond multiple times, depending on what the situation will be,” he said at a press conference at the Pentagon. “They have a lot of ability. I have a lot more of them,” Austin added, referring to Iran-backed militias, according to CNN.

Earlier today, a military plane arrived in the US with the remains of three slain reservists. President Biden and his wife Jill as well as Defense Secretary Austin and top commanders were waiting for them right at Dover Air Force Base.

The trio of victims, William Rivers, Kennedy Sanders and Breonna Moffett, were from Georgia in the southeast of the US. According to the AP, Biden personally met with the families before today’s ceremony.

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