The assassination of the pilot of the Russian Tu-95 bomber that attacked Ukraine. It is not known if he survived


Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber crew chief Major Oleg Stegachev became the target of an armed attack at the Engels military base in the Saratov region of Russia. It is not yet clear whether the pilot of the plane that attacked Ukraine survived the shooting. This was announced on Saturday by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine GUR. It indirectly suggests that Ukraine could be behind the assassination.

“The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs: in the Russian city of Engels, the commander of the crew of the Tu-95 strategic bomber, Major Oleg Sergeyevich Stegachyov, was hit by gunfire,” the intelligence agency wrote on its website.

Commander of the crew of the Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber Major Oleg Stegachev Photo: GUR

The GUR further stated that the Russian Air Force pilot was born on June 23, 1983, served at the Engels Air Base (Military Unit 06987) and directly participated in missile strikes on civilian objects in Ukraine and the killing of Ukrainians.

“As a result of the attack, Oleg Stegachev suffered gunshot wounds. Whether he survived or not – we will find out,” reads the text of the Ukrainian military intelligence, adding that “retribution awaits all war criminals – we know your names, addresses, car numbers, usual routes and habits .”

The Western intelligence community, which presents itself on the Internet as InformNapalm, claims to have first published information about Oleg Stegachev in 2015 as part of a list of Russian officers who participated (and are still participating) in Russian military operations in Syria.

As reported by the Ukrainian news agency Unian, the strategic bombers used by Russia to attack Ukraine are stationed at various airports. One of them is to be the Engels 2 military airport, where Tu-160 aircraft are also located.

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