Murder in Krumlov: Three men beat an acquaintance over cigarettes. They then set the body on fire


When officers of the Český Krumlov city police discovered the freshly charred remains in a bridge pillar near the footbridge that spans the Vltava near the brewery on the morning of Thursday, January 25, they had no idea that they were looking at the victim of an inhumane crime. Her friend was murdered by three other homeless people, apparently trying to cover their tracks with a fire.

The charred body of a murdered homeless man was found in the pillar of the footbridge near the Krumlov brewery.

| Video: Diary/Zuzana Gabajová

The man was beaten and his lifeless body was subsequently set on fire by three others in the pillar the homeless, who wanted to cover their tracks. Their efforts were in vain, as pathologists found traces of violence on the charred remains. All three ended up in custody awaiting trial.

“In the bridge, where there is a small room, two or three people have been sleeping recently,” Jan Šítal, the commander of the Krumlov city police, who at the time did not want to engage in speculation, confirmed to Deník after the body was found. The variant that it could be an attempt to cover up murder, but he admitted even then. “It was one of several places in the city where the homeless sleep.”

The South Bohemian homicide squad solved the murder in Dolní Dvořište. They had the killer in two days

The case has already been unraveled by South Bohemian criminal investigators from murder party in cooperation with his colleagues from Český Krumlov. “It all started with the announcement of fellow police officers from Český Krumlov on Thursday last week early in the morning. The officers discovered a fire in the technical room of the pillar of the bridge over the Vltava river,” described police spokesman Jiří Matzner. “A charred human body was subsequently discovered in the room. The space was used by homeless people to sleep, accidents could easily happen here, for example from a lit candle.”

But this version was refuted by the ordered autopsy. “She clearly confirmed to the criminologists the signs of someone else’s culpability. There were clear signs of assault and significant violence on the victim’s body. It also took a bit of work for the criminal investigators to find out the identity of the dead, in the end it was clear here as well, it was a fifty-four-year-old man from the local homeless community,” he said.

A homeless man burned to death in the pillar of the footbridge near the Krumlov brewery.Source: PCR

This was followed by the precise work of criminologists, who was in contact with the murdered man, who visited him, whether he was part of a party, who saw him, when and where last, and so on. “Three men did not pass through the network of several dozen persons interrogated. They knew the murdered man and often drank with him. So was the critical night from Wednesday to Thursday last week,” continued Jiří Matzner. “Drinking became an argument, an argument became a joint brutal assault, and then the thought and act of obliteration murders and stop fire. They didn’t succeed. All three men (born 1986, 1991, 1996) were charged with murder.”

And what was supposed to be the motive for the argument and subsequent murder? “According to the killers, the murdered man simply did not share much, cigarettes and alcohol. All three will wait in custody to see what sentence will be handed down in court,” concluded the spokesperson of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Source: Diary/Zuzana Gabajová

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