The Israeli operation at the Shifa hospital ended, leaving many dead

The Israeli operation at the Shifa hospital ended, leaving many dead
The Israeli operation at the Shifa hospital ended, leaving many dead

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Tel Aviv/Gaza – Dozens of dead were discovered by Palestinian authorities at the Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip after tanks and vehicles of Israeli troops left the facility following an attack. This was stated today by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of the radical Hamas movement, the AFP agency wrote. According to the DPA agency, the local civil defense office, also controlled by Hamas, says about 300 dead in and around the hospital. According to Reuters, the Israeli army confirmed today that it has completed the operation in Shifa aimed at the Islamists and has withdrawn its forces.

Israeli troops launched a raid on the hospital two weeks ago. According to an AFP journalist and eyewitnesses, army vehicles left the hospital complex early this morning. The Israeli military later confirmed the withdrawal, saying it had killed Palestinian militants and seized weapons and intelligence documents during the operation in clashes. The operation at the hospital, which was the largest in the Gaza Strip before the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was conducted to “avoid harming civilians, patients and medical teams,” according to the army.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already called the raid against Hamas a great success on Sunday evening. He said more than 200 terrorists were killed and hundreds surrendered.

“Dozens of martyrs’ bodies were found in and around the Šífa hospital, some in a state of decomposition,” the local Ministry of Health claims in a press release. At the same time, he states that the Israeli troops set fire to the hospital building before leaving and that the area is “significantly damaged”.

Israeli troops entered the Shifa hospital, until then one of the few functional medical facilities in the isolated Palestinian territory, the day before last Monday. Since then, they have been searching the vast complex, which Israel claims is connected to a network of underground tunnels and served as a base for fighters from Hamas and other Islamist groups. Both Hamas officials and medical personnel deny that they misused the hospital grounds for military purposes.

The raid was part of Israel’s campaign in Gaza in response to last year’s terrorist attack on Israel by the Hamas movement, in which Palestinian militants killed nearly 1,200 people and kidnapped 250 people to Gaza. Israel’s retaliatory massive bombing and ground operations have claimed the lives of more than 32,780 Palestinians and caused a humanitarian crisis that is beginning to turn into a famine in some places.

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