Grandmas, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Young families want to live their own way.

Grandmas, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Young families want to live their own way.
Grandmas, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Young families want to live their own way.

I still remember it, a new born baby is solemnly brought home and the advice is already coming.

Give him this….We’ve always done that….. It’s best for him…..

And as the child grows, the grandmothers’ advisory board continues. He must be out of diapers by the year, I was when I had you…….. Start giving him solid foods, the best thing to do……

Are you surprised that a young mother, who also has her own opinion, and most importantly, it is her child, and not another child of the grandmother, that then she just suffers quietly and looks forward to the advice dying out and you going home? So don’t be surprised and look at the whole situation through the eyes of a new mother.

I’m also a grandmother twice, so I know something about it.

Above all, we must realize, dear grandmother, that it is already a different time than the one we lived in.

For example, I was still using cloth diapers, because paper ones started to appear slowly, and I have to say that I started using them right away. They just had to search a bit, they weren’t that available. And even though they were a little more expensive than fabric ones, I still happily switched to them. And you see, my grandmothers /mother and mother-in-law/ watched the news, but when they saw what a change and advantage it was, they only supported me. And they could easily advise based on their experience that cloth ones are the best, because they also had them and how we grew up. Well, they grew up, that’s true, but what about changing diapers was work.

So let’s not be surprised that young families use all modern gadgets and shake their heads or even their eyes at our advice.

Sometimes we are surprised how our young people manage it, we want to give advice. But yes, feel free to express your opinion, we don’t have to be silent if we don’t like how our grandchild is being cared for. But let’s say and not impose. We can express our feelings, we can say our opinions, we can voice criticism. We will find out anyway that the next method of care is solely up to the parents of the little person. And don’t worry, they’ll make it, just like we made it.

So let’s be like grandmas, let’s play with the kids, let’s enjoy the fact that we no longer have to worry. Grandchildren will give our life a new dimension, so let’s not spoil it with unsolicited advice.

And finally, a small request for young families, don’t judge us grandmothers too harshly, because we raised you and you are still our children for us, even if you are already adults.

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