How do we meet today? Difficult. Online applications have taken over and relationships are dwindling


The number of people getting together with partners other than online continues to decline. As a long-term study has shown, less than ten percent of couples today meet in the once usual places, i.e. at a bar, at work, through family members, friends, at high school or college. The number of those who meet online climbs well above 50%.

Why is that so? It’s simply easier. Other worries are eliminated, including the fear that you will meet the person in question even when you break up, and at the same time, family and other ties are not involved in online dating.

Last but not least, according to experts, it is easier to write than to develop another activity, for example in the form of walks or dinner together. This is a step that only a part of people who feel that they have found their dream partner in the online world will reach. In addition, experts also agree that when you write messages, you can understand each other better and feel that you have found the right one.

Unfortunately, by the time you meet, you often find that the other person “doesn’t really smell like you”. The way your body is set up and the perception of your partner, and therefore the desire to make love with him, simply cannot be saved even by a thousand pleasant words in the online space.

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Generation Z in addition, she is very timid when establishing personal relationships. Their view of them is influenced by social media, the dictates of beauty and other factors.

However, the above research shows that although the dating style is changing, some factors remain the same. For example, the ideal average age difference between partners is still four years.

In addition, it is estimated that most relationships, i.e. 46%, occur in spring and summer. The respondents also answered that this time is more favorable for getting to know each other than autumn and winter.

The time from meeting to getting married and living together is constantly getting longer. While in the 1960s people threw themselves into relationships with full commitment and immediately, nowadays couples first date for a long time, then live together for a long time and only then decide on a wedding ceremony. This period can now be longer than ten years.

Interest in the relationship does not decrease

Experts unequivocally claim that the interest in having a partner is not decreasing, the effort to find one is decreasing. That is, trying to find a partner in a normal way. This is supported by the development of technology, which, however, cannot replace all aspects of what people demand from their partners.

The chemistry between two people, which reveals practically everything during a single date, is not yet technologically transferable. So it’s not worth wasting your time communicating online with someone who won’t be right for you in the end. If you already prefer to communicate with potential partners online, you should go on a date at least once. And don’t spend long periods in a bubble of joy that you have found the perfect partner. In reality, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. In addition, you know that photos can be edited in the same way that thoughts written during a discussion can be corrected, much more easily than in a face-to-face debate.

So, if you want to find your match, break away from speed dating sites and don’t wait for algorithms to generate the perfect partner for you based on what you filled in the questionnaire about yourself. Instead, look around you and you will see that love is waiting around every corner.

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